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Los Cabos Says It’s Ready For The Mass Tourism Expected Easter Week

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Holy week is one of the busiest times of the year for travel in Los Cabos. According to health officials, the Los Cabos area is in great shape for receiving tourists during the Holy Week.

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Covid health update in Los Cabos

Zazil Flores Aldape, the Secretary of Health of Baja California Sur, said during an interview that the municipality of Los Cabos is ready to receive visitors during Easter week. Holy week is one of the busiest times of year for Los Cabos. Some wonder whether vacationing to the area will be a safe choice during a pandemic. 

According to Aldape, Los Cabos is in a great position to welcome tourists during one of their busiest weeks of the year. Aldape stated, “we will be able to have our normal activities during this period. If we follow all the recommendations that we have been insisting on for months it should be a safe period.”

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Results since restrictions have been lifted

Officials have noted, despite the fact no tourist restrictions have been in place recently, there has been a decrease in cases. Health officials have credited the drop in cases to high vaccination rates handled by Baja California Sur. Aldape pointed out the need to get back to some semblance of normal.

He stated “we will have to resume our everyday activities. We must recognize that one of the main economic activities of our state is tourism. 86% of the state is vaccinated, and the decline has been steady, even though there have been no restrictions on tourism in recent weeks.” 

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The Secretary of the State of Health already mentioned at a press conference last week they would take no restrictive measures in terms of capacity in the state. He noted that health levels for the area had been lowered to green.

All these decisions continue during one of the busiest months Los Cabos has ever seen. Los Cabos has spring break that will see almost 40,000 college students from the United States.

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Also, an overall estimate of over 350,000 tourists in the month of March, and active cases have still remained low.

Even with positive news that the Los Cabos area has seen regarding Covid rates falling, health officials stressed the importance of following personal health and safety measures.

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A reminder of health and safety measures

Health officials in Los Cabos are reminding all citizens and tourists to stay aware when it comes to sanitary measures. The most crucial action the public can take in the fight against Covid 19 is to get vaccinated.

Another measure to take will be to stay home from work or school if you aren’t feeling well. If you need to leave your home when you’re sick, wear a mask in public. Continue to wash hands and use hand sanitizer when appropriate.

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How does this affect tourists coming to Los Cabos?

Tourists visiting Los Cabos in the coming weeks are likely to see a more relaxed area in terms of guidelines. With most capacity limits lifted, access to restaurants and bars will be more available. Also, the extension of business hours 1 extra hour at night will give tourists an extra hour to enjoy the nightlife.

Lifting mask mandates will be a mental lift to many citizens and tourists. Local businesses in the hospitality sector have been hit hard by Covid 19. Being able to lift many restrictions will be a welcome sight to tourists and the businesses that count on their patronage.

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