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2 Popular Los Cabos Beaches Closed Due To Invasion Of Jellyfish And Intense Weather

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Two of the top beaches in Cabo are currently closed due to weather issues and the extensive presence of jellyfish on one of the beaches.

The two beaches in question where currently red flags wave to indicate their closure are Playa Palmilla and the tourist corridor beach in San Jose del Cabo.

Red Flag on a windy day at the beach

The main reason why both of these beaches are closed are the heavy winds that have been present in the area over the last couple of days.

Authorities indicate that up to 17 mph winds have been recorded on both beaches. 

In the case of Playa Palmilla, there’s also a jellyfish invasion that tourists are being advised to avoid.

The presence of jellyfish on any particular beach in Los Cabos is going to be indicated by waving a white flag. This can cause confusion amongst beachgoers who may think the white flag indicates “the coast is clear.”

Currently, both red and white flags wave in Playa Palmilla to signal the double warning. Effectively indicating to guests that the beach is set to remain closed for swimming until further notice. 

White flag waving in a beach means jelly fish in the area

Playa Palmilla is the beach located on the coast where the Querencia Golf Club and the One & Only Palmilla courses run.

The One & Only Palmilla Hotel is the main beachside resort in this area.

This spot also features a residential area that’s home to many properties being rented out on Airbnb.

The tourist corridor beach, which is also closed, is essentially the beach shared by all of the main San Jose del Cabo beachfront resorts.

Private beaches run by some of these hotels may feature their own warnings. 

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Los Cabos Hotel With Large Beachside Area

Not Great Days To Swim On Cabo Beaches

Apart from the 2 beaches that are currently closed, many of the main beaches in the Cabo San Lucas area also feature some type of warning for swimmers.

The following beaches all feature a yellow flag warning: El Médano, El Chileno, 8 Cascadas, Las Viudas, El Corsario, Acapulquito, and El Surgidero. 

Travelers enjoying el medano beach in los cabos

While yellow flag warnings do not prohibit people from swimming on the beach, they are meant to indicate that swimming conditions are not ideal.

Authorities wanted to remind tourists that although yellow flags on beaches are not meant to signal a complete ban on swimming, beachgoers would do well to exercise extreme precaution.

It’s also advised to stay as close to the shore as possible when these conditions are present.

yellow flag on beach

Still No Ban On Sailing Near Cabo Shores

Although swimming is banned and cautioned against in the 2 popular beaches we mentioned, the conditions have not reached a point where they have affected sailing in the area.

At the time of writing this article, there has been no decree issued by port authorities banning certain ships from sailing in Cabo bay.

Los Cabos Glass Bottom Boat Tour with Other Boats Nearby

Tourists who have upcoming sailing tours, though, would do well to check in with the tour companies. Just to make sure that the current conditions have not affected their itinerary in any way.

The port authorities may not issue full bans on sailing when conditions are not optimal.

Yet, they may suspend departures from the Cabo San Lucas marina for brief periods during the day when conditions are at their worst.

That’s why we advise tourists to stay in touch with their tour companies to be updated on any potential changes in the coming hours. 

Cabo Marina

Tourists Are Advised To Be On The Lookout For Warnings Made By Local Authorities

Conditions on Cabo beaches are essentially updated daily, and tourists can be aware of them just by looking for the flags that wave on the beach.

When it comes to situations that happen elsewhere in Cabo, those can be harder for tourists to be aware of. 

Yesterday, for example, locals and tourists in San Jose del Cabo were advised to stay indoors because of an ongoing fire in one of the only forest areas in the region.

Tourists at Cabo resorts are mostly going to be kept in the loop by hotel staff. When staying at an Airbnb, though, it may be tougher to get these warnings.

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