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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Follow These Key Safety Rules This Summer

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Summer is a great time to visit Los Cabos with the warm weather, long days and plenty of fun in the sun.

However, tourists should beware that not following safety rules can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Here are a couple of different issues visitors should be aware of before traveling to Los Cabos for a summer vacation.

woman floating in the ocean in los cabos

Diving Safety Around Boats

It hasn’t even reached the official first day of summer, which takes place on June 21 this year, and there have already been water incidents that have seriously injured some tourists in Los Cabos.

Just last week, two scuba divers were seriously injured in the Balandra National Protected Area in La Paz by a tourist boat.

The boat was traveling at a high rate of speed near a place where divers were located. The divers signaled their presence to the boat driver, who could not avoid hitting them.

As a result, one of the divers lost a lot of blood and may have even lost their leg in the incident, which officials say could have been avoided.

Jet Ski Water Safety

people on a jet ski in cabo

Another issue is around tourists riding jet skis.

Many tourists are not familiar with ocean buoy regulations and disregard the posted limits for speed, open water limits, and underwater hazards.

As a result, there are a significant number of injuries each year due to the fault of the visitor riding jet skis.

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people on jet skis in cabo

Jet Ski providers are canceling the rides of tourists who violate the laws, resulting in displeased vacation guests to Los Cabos.

However, it is definitely better than an injured visitor on a jet ski that violated the rules and got hurt.

The Beach Flags

The beach is a popular hangout for many visitors to Los Cabos. But how does a tourist know if there is a safety issue at the beach?

Beach Warning Flag

Most lifeguards, of course, will be there to warn guests to Los Cabos about dangerous conditions in the water. However, it’s good to understand the flag color system as well.

The system operates similarly to a stop light. Red means swimming is forbidden, yellow means caution and of course, green is good to go.

However, there are some other flags to be aware of as well.

Jellyfish on Beach

For instance, a white flag indicates the presence of jellyfish in the water. While swimmers can still swim in the ocean when jellyfish are present, they do at their own risk. It’s probably best to avoid beaches with white flags.

Meanwhile, black flags are also a no-go due to some other condition of the water that makes it unsafe for swimming.

Smoking Ban

No Smoking Sign At A Restaurant

While it has been in place for nearly five months now, many new tourists, or those that have not been to Los Cabos this year, may be unaware of the public smoking ban in the city.

Tourists are not allowed to smoke in areas accessible by the public, such as bars, restaurants, beaches, and even hotel patios.

Local police are actively trying to warn visitors about the smoking ban before issuing a ticket. However, several fines have been issued to tourists that refuse to follow the law for the safety of others.

A Couple More Summer Safety Tips

Woman with a burnt back on a beach

Last, visitors to Los Cabos should be aware of the especially strong rays of the southern sun. Plan to wear plenty of sunscreen, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Beware of consuming too much alcohol in the sun as it actually can dehydrate the body, the opposite of the desired effect in summer.

Last, remember to include travel insurance in planning a vacation getaway to Los Cabos. The hope is that a tourist never has to use it, but the peace of mind of knowing it is there to provide in a time of need is invaluable.

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