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Los Cabos Authorities Issue Beach Safety Recommendations For Tourists

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Los Cabos is well known as a premier beachside resort destination for visitors from all over the world.

That’s why local officials have committed to tourist safety around water so that they can have a safe vacation while enjoying all of the pool and ocean amenities Los Cabos offers.

Lifeguards riding an ATV on the beach

Consult With Lifeguards

The lifeguards stationed at beaches around Los Cabos are definitely there to provide rescue assistance in times of emergency. However, they can provide much more help to tourists beyond saving lives in an emergency.

Most visitors don’t connect with their beach lifeguard to get information about the beach and ocean conditions before getting into the water. However, it’s a great idea to visit the lifeguard stand.

They can provide handy information about swimming at the beach, including how rough the conditions are for swimming, the presence of jellyfish in the water, or maybe some tips about how to have a fun time while staying safe at their beach.

Red flag on beach

What Color is the Flag?

The flags stationed at beaches in Los Cabos are not simply decorative in effect. They are important messengers of information for beachgoers. However, tourists have to be able to decode the meaning.

Several of the beach flags work similarly to a stop light with similar meanings.

Green means go. The beach is open for swimming, and the conditions are considered safe. Yellow flags indicate caution. The beach is open for swimming. However, the conditions may not be considered safe for all swimmers. When a red flag is posted, the beach is unsafe for swimming.

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Jellyfish on beach

Other important flags to recognize are white and black.

The white flag indicates the presence of jellyfish in the water or on the beach. Tourists should probably avoid swimming in water with jellyfish to protect themselves from stings. However, the beach is still open for swimming.

The black flag indicates that the beach is closed for swimming. While this generally does not indicate that the conditions are dangerous for swimming, it could mean that there is some other type of health hazard at the beach.

Black Flag on Beach

Los Cabos officials are working on posting easy-to-read signs about what the flag colors mean.

Watch For Hazards

Tourists need to remember that oceans are living environments full of hazards that can cause injuries.

For example, rocks and coral are unseen hazards that can cause cuts.

Coral reef with fish

Be sure to wear swimming shoes to protect your feet against these hazards, and ask a lifeguard about any of these issues present in the water before swimming or snorkeling.

Also, Los Cabos visitors should be aware of hazards present on the beach, such as glass from broken bottles along with nails and hot coals left over from barbeques and bonfires. These can cause some nasty injuries. Walking with shoes or sandals can provide some protection.

Large group out on a boating tour in the Cabo bay

Wear Your Life Jacket

The Mexican Navy recently announced that they would be strictly enforcing the requirement for Los Cabos boaters to wear life jackets while out at sea.

They advise that if they board a tour boat and do not receive a life jacket to wear, to be sure to request one. If they do not have one for each member of your group, do not board the ship. Also, make sure that it fits properly – children and adults have different size life jackets.

Los Cabos visitors should also ask if the life jacket provided is appropriate for the type of activity. There are different life jackets for boats, banana boats, and parasailing purposes.

This will be in addition to their special safety patrols planned for popular tourist beaches such as Coral Negro, Ocho Cascadas, and El Médano.

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