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Large Number Of Vacant Jobs In Cabo Leaves Hotels And Restaurants Struggling

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An ongoing trend in the struggle to find workers continues, and Los Cabos is no exception. Since the pandemic, there have been signs that businesses have had a tough time finding workers.

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Los Cabos businesses are trying to find workers for job openings.

Certain areas are lagging in new hires in the economic recovery, and the hospitality sector is number one in Los Cabos.

This week The Undersecretary of Economy of Baja California Sur, Alonso Gutierrez Martinez, released a statement that “the number of jobs in Los Cabos exceeds the number of people looking to work.”

Martinez also stated that “there is an interesting number that we realize that there is employment in Baja California Sur. However, there are not enough people applying to fulfill these positions.”

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What area of the economy has been most affected?

The service sector is the hardest hit area with job openings not being filled. Los Cabos is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country. The hospitality industry is a vital part of the economy in Los Cabos, and losing so many jobs to the pandemic has been tough to recover. 

Like almost everywhere, when the pandemic hit, the tourism sector of cities took the biggest hit. Los Cabos is looking to fill jobs in hotels/resorts and restaurants. Filling service sector jobs is essential to get back to the growth they experienced before the pandemic.

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Before the pandemic began, Baja California Sur had one of the highest economic growths in the country. It was one of the only areas of the country reaching double digits in growth percentage. An official stated that with the control of the pandemic, Los Cabos would be able to recover its progress and are expecting growth this year.

Los Cabos is expecting growth of around 3.7% for the upcoming year. However, that growth mainly depends on the hospitality sector, and having the workers make everything run smoothly.

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Who will the shortage of workers affect the most?

Any business is only as good as the employees who work for it. Los Cabos is a substantial tourism area, and the hospitality sector plays a vital role in the region. In order for the area to maintain its reputation as an international tourism destination, quality service in hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment venues is a must.

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Tourists visiting the area may notice hotels/resorts with minimal staff. The lack of workers could affect the speed of check-in/departure, hotel rooms’ cleanliness, and overall hotel experience. Any tourists taking part in recreational activities such as renting a boat, scuba diving, visiting a museum may have to pre-plan to see if the business operates that day.

Tourists or locals may experience longer wait times to get a table at popular restaurants. Once in the restaurant, your visit may see extended times due to staff shortages.

The area of Los Cabos is in the heart of its tourism season, which typically lasts through mid-April. With spring break taking place for the next month and predictions of the busiest month in years for tourism, a shortage of workers is not ideal for customer service. 

Being prepared before visiting Los Cabos will help make your visit go smoothly. Check ahead for certain things such as changes in hours to venues and reservation accommodations. Have a secondary plan for your day’s activities, dinner plans, and even flights to and from Los Cabos.

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