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Los Cabos Bars Are Now Permitted To Stay Open Until 2 AM

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Local bars got the good news they were waiting on. Los Cabos local establishments with a liquor license have been pushing to stay open until 2 a.m. for a while now, and they finally had their wish granted.

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Why was this decision made?

For several weeks the Committee of Business organizations (CBO) has been discussing the need to extend their hours of operation. According to Julio Castillo Gomez, executive president of the coordinating council, the CBO has been working with three levels of government on this request.

One of the critical issues that the government needed to see was the infection rates and hospitalization numbers from Covid 19 going down.

Over the past several weeks, the State Health Safety Committee in Baja California Sur has moved the epidemiological traffic light to low (green).

The committee issued the go-ahead to extend business hours now that the health and safety numbers are acceptable. Gomez stated, “The CBO raised the issue of closing time a few weeks ago with the municipal and state health authorities, and the response was welcomed. This has been thanks to the work of the authority, private organizations, businesses, and the local community where we can take this next step based on the health numbers.”

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What does this mean for Los Cabos business?

The decision is a big win for the local hospitality industry in the Los Cabos area. Like many small businesses around Mexico, the Covid 19 pandemic has hit them particularly hard. Not only have health concerns been an issue, but operating hours for bars and restaurants have eaten away at their bottom line.

The ability for bars and restaurants to stay open until 2 a.m. is a welcome option for the food and beverage industry in Los Cabos. Mainly for what is forecasted to be one of the busiest upcoming months for the area.

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This economic boost should play a significant factor in the tourism industry’s recovery around Los Cabos. In addition to bars and restaurants staying open until 2 a.m., an authorization of 80% capacity was authorized for Los Cabos and Loreto establishments.

Any commercial establishment whose focus is the sale of alcoholic beverages will have to abide by the 80% capacity rule.

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How will this affect locals and tourists?

This rule should be welcome news for anybody visiting the area. Locals and tourists will have the option to patronize an establishment until 2 a.m. if they so choose. The ruling can help people around the Los Cabos area improve the revenue of the local food and beverage industry.

The decision is good news for local food and beverage establishments and the area’s overall health. Seeing the epidemiological risk decrease around the area must be a welcome site for businesses and community members alike. Having a healthy community should give the local economy the needed boost.

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Is this change permanent?

In the end, the Executive President of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos decided they would continue this route for the foreseeable future. They would continue working with the authority.

 “We will continue with the authority on this issue as in others following up, will not impose unilateral situations. We will continue watching the numbers and work with them based on the data, positive or not.”

It appears that keeping bars and restaurants open until 2 a.m. will not be a short-term decision. However, the council and government will keep their eyes on the health and safety numbers and make final decisions based on that.