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Kristin Cavallari Spotted Vacationing In Los Cabos

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Laguna Beach alumni Kristin Cavallari was spotted enjoying the beach in Baja California Sur. Cavallari, unlike other celebs that head over to Mexican shores, was not shy about sharing her location. She headed out to Los Barriles beach in the Sea of Cortez. This is a beach that is essentially located between Los Cabos and La Paz on the east side of the Baja Peninsula.

Kristin Cavallari in Barriles Beach

She must’ve felt that the area was private enough for her to be able to share her location. However, it wasn’t that remote! Paparazzi caught her every move while enjoying the local beach with long-time friend and hair stylist Justin Anderson. 

Kristin and Justin On Vacation

The duo was said to be hitting up Los Barriles beach on Sunday. Photographers from a well-known media agency shared photos of the two, including some private moments within the beachside bungalow that they were staying at. However, neither of them seemed to mind too much, they were not shy about sharing pics and videos of their trip on social media either.  

Kristin Cavallari In Fresh Water Spring in Mexico

Off-roading On A Jeep Releasing Turtles Into The Ocean Enjoying Fresh Water Springs …   

We were able to catch a better glimpse of their trip through pictures and videos shared by Justin Anderson on his Instagram page. The pair were driven to a remote location in what looked like a jeep, they even got some off-roading done, presumably to reach the freshwater springs area that the two seemed to really enjoy.

Kristin, who was rocking a different white bikini than the one that obsessed photographers at Los Barriles beach, enjoyed going down almost a makeshift water slide between a natural rock formation. Meanwhile, Justin canon-balled into the spring water from the nearby rocks. The two are pictured with a dog, who may very well have been a local fixture because neither of the two has any other pictures with a similar furry friend. 

For her part, Kristin shared a picture of turtles running towards the ocean, presumably when they got back to Los Barriles. It looked like the turtles heading out to sea were just doing this in a very natural manner. It wasn’t one of those situations where people stage the occasion for a photo op! Kristin and Justin were staying at a local beachside home on the sea of Cortez beach. The duo shared videos of themselves making fresh orange juice in the home’s kitchen this morning on Instagram stories.  

This Was Certainly Not The First Time That The Laguna Beach Alumni Visited Cabo

You’d think that people who grew up on a Pacific Ocean beach wouldn’t be too excited to head down further south to visit Cabo. However, it seems like Kristin has plenty of memorable moments in the Mexican beach city. Now 35 and with 3 kids, she enjoys the solitude of Los Barriles, but she recently shared a few stories from other trips to Cabo that she’s made in a podcast that she co-hosts with ex-boyfriend and Laguna Beach co-star Stephen Colletti. You can give that a listen if you want Kristin’s help planning your Cabo vacation. 

Things To Know About Staying At Los Barriles Beach   

If you’re looking for a more quiet vacation spot that is near Los Cabos, just like Kristin Cavallari, Los Barriles beach may just be the spot. As we mentioned, this is a beach that is located between Los Cabos and La Paz. To be exact, it’s 40 miles north of San José del Cabo and 65 miles south of La Paz. It’s very popular with the fishing crowd, plenty of boats line the shoreline because of this. It’s not necessarily a virgin beach at this point there are a couple of 3-star hotels beachside, with some RV camps and spots for more of an ecotourism experience. A night at the local hotel could set you back anywhere from 85 to 350 dollars.