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How Mexican Holidays Could Affect Your Los Cabos Vacation

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The Los Cabos hotels association reports that Cabo lodging facilities will be 80% booked for this first weekend of February. This may not be a date of particular interest for American travelers. However, in Mexico, February 5th is celebrated as the day that the Mexican constitution was signed. Mexican workers get Monday off, and it would seem that plenty of them will be flocking to Cabo.

tourist with a mexican flag standing on a bench on the beach

For years Cabo has been a destination that tends to receive more foreign tourists than domestic ones. The growth in popularity of the destination as well as the increased number of flights to Cabo from within Mexico are generally touted as the cause for this uptick in domestic tourism. For international travelers, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on when local holidays are set to take place in Mexico. This can help foreign travelers avoid dates like the first weekend in February when areas may be more crowded than normal.

volaris plane that flies local routes throughout Mexico

A Mexican Holiday Could Be The Reason Why Your Trip Is More Expensive

Local holidays could drive up hotel prices as well as the cost of other things, such as tours. Also, beaches and restaurants are typically going to be a bit more crowded than usual. If you’re still keen to head to Los Cabos within these dates, it would be a good idea to make reservations in advance at local restaurants while also making it a point to book any tours that you want to take online before your trip.

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Woman With a Bottled Water in a San Jose del Cabo Restaurant

An important thing to point out is that not all Mexican holidays are going to cause people from other parts of Mexico to flock to Cabo. Perhaps this first 3-day weekend of the year appeals more to Mexican travelers because it’s still within whale watching season. Whale watching is certainly one of the activities that Los Cabos is highly known for. Also, fishing in the region is still big during this time of year. Whale watching tours and fishing trips may be a bit more expensive this weekend.  

Humpback Whale in Front of a Boat Full of Tourists in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dates of Mexican Holidays That Foreign Travelers Should Know

As previously stated, not all Mexican holidays are going to cause locals to flock to Cabo. Here are a couple of dates, though, that foreign travelers might want to circle in their calendars if they’re keen on traveling to Cabo. 

Constitution Day, February 5th

This is typically the first 3-day weekend on the Mexican calendar. The fact that hotels are currently 80% booked for the 2023 version of this holiday may be a sign of things to come for the next holidays on the calendar.  

Los Cabos Hotel With Tourists Flocking the pool area

Benito Juárez Day, March 21st

March 21st is celebrated in Mexico as the birthday of Benito Juarez. He was one of the country’s most famed presidents. The biggest trouble with this three-day weekend is that it can coincide with Spring Break. Things can get even worse when it coincides with Holy Week in the Christian calendar. A ton of local and foreign tourists may be looking to head to Los Cabos if that’s the case. Keeping an eye on when Easter takes place each year is a good idea. 

Tourists at Milky beach Los Cabos

Labor Day, May 1st

Don’t get confused with the American Labor Day weekend, which typically takes place in September. Labor Day in Mexico is always celebrated on the first of May. Any weekend that falls close to this date will typically see an increase in hotel prices. Just like the previous holiday, it may not be the best time to head to Cabo if you’re hoping for a calm and quiet vacation.

crowded beach in Mexico

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, May 5th or Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in Mexico. If the day coincides with the first weekend in May, though, there could be an uptick in the number of local travelers. 

Independence Day, September 16th

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated through September 15 and 16. There’s not necessarily a 3-day weekend for Mexican workers during these celebrations. Hotel prices may not see a major uptick in certain years. What you will see is an increase in mariachi concerts and Mexico-themed activities at any Mexican destination. This may actually be an interesting date to travel to Cabo on.   

Regional dancers in colorful dresses Mexico

Revolution Day, November 20th

This is the last 3-day weekend on the Mexican work calendar. Much like the February 5th holiday, it’s a date on which local travelers like to visit Los Cabos since it’s usually at the start of the whale-watching season. The weather in Cabo throughout November and into December is traditionally mild. That also appeals to travelers from colder parts of Mexico.

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