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Top 7 Safety Tips For Your Next Los Cabos Vacation 

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Criminals often target travelers in busy tourist cities because people travel from all over the world and are in an unfamiliar environment when visiting a vacation destination.  Tourists also tend to let their guard down because they’re on vacation, and because they are on vacation, many travelers carry cash and other valuables on them.  Travelers visiting a foreign city also may be unaware of other dangers that exist too, and while Los Cabos is widely regarded as a very safe destination, it’s still good practice to keep safety in mind.

Here are the top 7 safety tips for your next Los Cabos vacation: 

Plaza With People Walking Around in San Jose del Cabo

Stay In Tourist Areas 

One of the most important safety tips to follow when visiting any foreign place that you don’t know, including Los Cabos, is to stay within the tourist areas.  These areas will always have people around, and they are typically more secure due to monitoring by video cameras and security officials.  In Los Cabos, these tourist areas are in the marina areas, Medano Beach and the downtown area of Cabo San Lucas, the old town and plaza in San Jose del Cabo, and the Tourist Corridor between the two cities.   

Tourists Walking Around the Marina in San Jose del Cabo

Do Not Walk Around Alone At Night 

Walking around at night is another thing you should most certainly avoid when traveling anywhere, Los Cabos included.  Despite the fact that Los Cabos is considered a safe place to visit, walking around alone at night anywhere increases your chances of becoming a victim of a crime. This could be anything from harassment to being mugged or even worse. 

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Tourists Dining Outdoors at Night in Cabo San Lucas Marina Area

Drink Bottled Water, Not Tap Water 

While Los Cabos does have fresh water that comes from the Sierra de La Laguna Mountains, it isn’t necessarily fresh by the time it reaches the tap.  For one, water can become contaminated on its way to its final destination, and two, the pipe system that transports the water can become contaminated as well.  Reports have surfaced over the years of tourists getting sick from tap water, although there is no way to know if the water is the true cause, but better safe than sorry if you don’t want your vacation ruined. 

Woman With a Bottled Water in a San Jose del Cabo Restaurant

Avoid Being Too Flashy 

If you look like a tourist that might be walking around with a lot of valuables, you are more likely to be targeted by criminals.  For this reason, it is in your best interest to avoid being too flashy in Los Cabos or any other vacation destination.  If you’re going out for a fancy dinner and want to get dressed up with a lot of jewelry, you may want to consider a taxi or private transportation. 

Tourists at Milky beach Los Cabos

Pass On Drinks From Someone You Don’t Know 

It’s not uncommon to have someone buy a drink for you out at a club or bar, but it is safer to pass on drinks from someone you don’t know.  Criminals with a range of ulterior motives can spike drinks without you ever knowing it.  This is important for both women as well as men who may be targeted for a robbery.  

Drinks sitting on a table at a restaurant in Cabo.

Only Swim On Designated Beaches 

When you hear about Los Cabos, often the first thing mentioned will be the stunning beaches up and down the coast.  But there is one important thing that you must know about Los Cabos beaches, and that is that not all of them are suitable for swimming due to strong undertows.  It’s important to only swim on designated beaches.  A few of the most popular ones include Medano Beach, Chileno Beach, Santa Maria Beach, and Palmilla Beach. 

Tourists on Medano Beach swimming and walking along the sand.

Don’t Make Yourself An Easy Target 

The main important thing to remember when traveling to Los Cabos or any other vacation destination is that you don’t want to make yourself an easy target for criminals.  Travel with other people and stay in groups because there really is safety in numbers.  And knowing you’re protecting yourself from danger is the only way to truly enjoy your Los Cabos vacation.  

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