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Hotels In Los Cabos Are The Busiest They Have Ever Been

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Recent statistics have shown that hotel occupancy in Los Cabos has already far exceeded pre-pandemic levels so far this year, compared with that which was registered three years ago. 

Los Cabos’ tourism monitoring have said that May closed with an occupancy rate of 73%, which is six points higher than what was registered in the same period in 2019. 

This statistic means that Los Cabos is at the top of the leader board for the destination with the greatest recovery post-pandemic, both nationally and internationally. The new numbers were highlighted by the executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association. 

Analysing the latest number, he noted that this was an important increase in numbers, even compared to the same month in 2021, when a total occupancy of 53% was registered, indicating that in the last year alone, tourism has increased by 20%.

The rapid increase in tourist numbers has largely been due to the promotional work carried out by both the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (Fiturca) and their partner hotels, which include Hard Rock, Marriot and Hyatt.

The executive president commented, “We expect that Summer 2022 will be an extremely busy summer. May left us with preliminary occupancy figures of 73%, six points higher than 2019. In 2017 Los Cabos did not manage to even reach 70%, for comparison.”

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“This is great news, and is the result of all of the hard work and promotional projects done by both Fiturca, and the marketing and sale departments of the major hotels in the region”.

The company producing the figures, Datatur Hotel Monitoring, not only said that Los Cabos was the area with the best recovery, but that it registered a consistently high average occupancy of 60% throughout the first half of this year. 

They attribute these numbers to the implementation of Covid health protocols, such as social distancing and increased sanitising, which have helped recovery and reassured visitors.  

The executive president also said that, “It is important to remember that not all destinations are seeing positive recovery, not just in Mexico, but across the world. The past two years have had a huge impact on tourism and recovery will happen little by little”.

“However, Los Cabos has had several positive factors, such as proper Covid protocols and excellent promotion on which we quickly united on and implemented very quickly”.

The natural beauty of Los Cabos, such as its great beaches and ocean, which allows tourists to carry out a variety of activities has been a fundamental factor in encouraging tourists without risking any spread of Covid-19.

He continued, “Los Cabos offers a lot of nature and beaches, and many outdoor activities which is exactly what tourism is looking for at the moment. We must also highlight that Los Cabos has excellent infrastructure and has seen luxury tourism more than double in recent years, which has led to this consolidation in visitor numbers”.

Another key factor in the rise is the amount of new direct transport connections between Los Cabos and other cities, including higher flight frequencies between Guadalajara, Tijuana and CDMX, which encourages domestic tourism, which makes up 30% of all visitors. 

Los Cabos has also seen over 500 international flights per week, particularly from the United States, which is one of the region’s largest tourism customer bases

This has also been helped by reports of Los Cabos being one of the safest destinations in Mexico, as well as implementing sustainable practices to protect both visitors and the environment, such as a possible smoking ban. 

The area is now becoming so popular that a huge majority of tourists visiting Los Cabos are looking to buy a second home there, making it one of the biggest second-home markets for North Americans.