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Cabo To Reduce Traffic Congestion In Tourism Corridor With New Transportation Plans

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Los Cabos has been experiencing record-breaking tourism over the last few years. With restrictions loosening, the trend is expected to continue, which has Los Cabos officials hunting for solutions to one of the area’s most pressing issues, traffic. It’s affecting both citizens and travelers, becoming an increasing concern for both efficiency and safety. Los Cabos has seen a rise in traffic accidents, some of which are directly related to the pileup of cars along the main highways.  

Renting a car and driving through the area is a great option for many tourists, giving them the freedom to move about and visit several unique spots off the beaten path along the coast of Los Cabos. However, those with plans to drive may need to reconsider their options, especially if visiting highly congested areas close to the most popular resorts. The increasing buildup of traffic has led officials to initiate plans to reduce traffic, as they hope to make the experience of travelers and citizens more enjoyable and manageable.

Resorts and mountains along the coastline

Back in February of this year, it was reported that tourists were booking transportation services to the airport five hours in advance due to traffic. While increased popularity is partly to blame, officials also spoke of the area’s limited public transportation and parking. Citizens who live outside popular tourist destinations travel by car to work, parking along the street in any spot available. Now that more travelers are showing up, getting to the area’s most popular spots is becoming more difficult to do.

Cars parked along the street with colorful streamers

Director of transportation for Los Cabos Martin Salinas commented on the situation, mentioning the area’s new Law of Motility and Road Safety. This law is “…committed to mass transport, so that with access to modern and safe transportation, we can confidently leave our vehicles at home. We are analyzing all parts so that we can advance and respect the hierarchy of transportation that puts us in third place.”

In addition to the improvement of public transportation, officials spoke about bicycle paths in the area. The areas with current bike lanes would need additional safety features, including small barriers to separate them from traffic. Plans also involve adding bicycle lanes on main roads and along the tourist corridor – the area that’s home to the most frustrating traffic jams.  

Bike lanes near the ocean

The Tourist Corridor in Los Cabos is a four-lane highway that connects San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. It’s 20 miles long and follows alongside the coastline giving drivers a stunning display while on the way to their destination. It’s the area’s most popular destination, getting highly congested during high season as tourists make their way to take in the views.

 Resorts near the coastline with mountains

Even when not driving, many travelers opt for a ride from their resort’s shuttle, which is very convenient. Still, those with plans to visit Los Cabos should check out travel times and consider booking flights that come in during low traffic hours. Traffic levels spike in the morning around 8am and in the afternoon close to 5pm. That’s not to say highways will be wide open, especially if travelling during the area’s busy season.

Shuttles parked on the street

Once tourists are inside the corridor walking on the sands, they’ll find a number of top-ranked resorts, restaurants, and shops scattered all along. Several things are accessible by foot and most resorts are packed with plenty to keep guests entertained. Before making plans to return to the airport, travelers are urged to request resort shuttle services far in advance, as there could be traffic along the way that could result in a missed flight.