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Foul Smelling Water Affecting This Popular Los Cabos Tourist Area

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In recent years, Los Cabos has become one of the top destinations in Mexico for luxury tourism. 

With world-renowned all-inclusive resorts such as the Grand Velas and Marquis Los Cabos constantly ranking among the best properties in the country, this area is now synonymous with opulent holidays. 

Aerial view of the marina of Cabo San Lucas at sunset

Not by chance, world-renowned celebrities, such as Justin Biber and Michael Jordan were spotted vacationing here in 2023. 

Despite this, Cabo San Lucas is now dealing with an annoying issue.

Aerial view of the Marina of Cabo San Lucas

What happened? 

According to local news, someone has recently poured smelly water into the Cabo San Lucas marina, one of the most tourist sites in the city. 

The water was poured right in front of the popular shopping plaza, affecting thousands of tourists. 

Los Cabos cruise ship cruise around scenic tourist destination Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Playa Amantes, Playa del Divorcio and other scenic beaches.

Those responsible have not yet been identified, and there are good chances the authorities won’t be able to get to know their identity. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that something like this happens. However, authorities still don’t know how to deal with the issue and prevent it from happening in the future. 

Service providers in the area are now sharing their concerns, declaring how such a luxurious and touristic area visited by hundreds of tourists per year should not have to deal with these types of problems. 

Aerial view of the marina of Cabo San Lucas on a sunny day

Despite this, visitors heading to Los Cabos soon shouldn’t worry too much about this issue. Los Cabos beaches remain safe and clean for bathers.

This locality is the North American area with the highest number of blue-flag beaches, with a total of 25 playas now certified to this high standard.

But what are some of the other main issues tourists may face when visiting Los Cabos?

Tourists’ complains

Beach Full Of Trash And Weeds

The number one complaint according to exit surveys is trash. Unfortunately, during high season, plenty of tourists flock to this Mexican municipality, bringing tons of trash. 

Commenting on the issue, Ricardo Araoz, the President of the Colonos del Médano Association, commented: “As the garbage bins are very far away people throw the garbage in the streams (…) but when it rains it comes to the sea and we, together with the ZOFEMAT workers, the city council and those who work on the beach, collect it.”

He later added: “But there is too much garbage. We have gone so far as to collect refrigerators and mattresses. We found all of that on the beach.” 

Garbage on a beach

Luckily, right after the exit survey’s results were made public, the government decided to put in place a number of initiatives to address this issue. In this regard, Los Cabos’ Mayor, Oscar Leggs Castro, declared: “We are already working. In fact, next week, another temporary employment will begin on behalf of the public service to be able to deal with these types of situations.”

He later added, “We are going to change the image [of the municipality. With a particular focus] in the central area and in the main streets.” The second most common concern among tourists is mobility. 

Unfortunately, Los Cabos is quite dangerous for drivers, with plenty of car crashes happening on a daily basis. 

Early morning rush hour traffic

This is due to several factors. First and foremost, the poor conditions of Los Cabos roads contribute to the problem. The local government is constantly trying to carry out new maintenance works to improve road safety, but more still has to be done.

Apart from this, drivers tend to often ignore speed limits, driving recklessly across the municipality. 

To address this issue, the local government has recently decreased the speed limit on the municipality’s main road, the Transpeninsular Highway, from 90 km/h to 60 km/h. 

traffic inside a beach city in Mexico

Extra patrols have also been added recently to make sure everyone is driving within the given limits to prevent accidents. 

Despite this, it’s important to specify that most people who head to Los Cabos have a great experience, with nearly half of them deciding to return to this Mexican municipality for a second vacation.

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