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These Are Los Cabos Tourists’ Top Concerns When Visiting Right Now

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Los Cabos is known worldwide for being one of Mexico’s top luxurious destinations. But as with every tourist place, there are some issues that still need to be addressed. 

In a recent interview, the President of the Colonos del Médano Association, Ricardo Araoz, declared that visitors here tend to complain about three main points. 

LOS CABOS, MEXICO - Colorful Beach Boats Water Scooter Taxi Cabo San Lucas Baja Mexico. Los Cabos has many sandy beaches

First, the trash often found on Los Cabos streets and beaches, second the frequent sewage, and third the poor road conditions. 

So, let’s analyze each of these in detail to see whether tourists have a real reason to be concerned. 

Too much trash and not enough bins

Unfortunately, the Los Cabos municipality doesn’t seem to have enough trash bins for the huge crowds of tourists visiting this area during the high season. 

Beautiful beach in Los Cabos on a sunny day

In particular, the local authorities have noticed an increase in the trash carried by the local streams following the hurricane season. 

Talking about this issue, Ricardo Araoz commented: “As the garbage bins are very far away people throw the garbage in the streams (…) but when it rains it comes to the sea and we, together with the ZOFEMAT workers, the city council and those who work on the beach, collect it. But there is too much garbage. We have gone so far as to collect refrigerators and mattresses. We found all of that on the beach.”

The issue of garbage in Baja California Sur is not a novelty. A few months ago, La Paz had to face a similar crisis. 

Spilled garbage on the beach

At the time, local vendors even decided to leave cardboard boxes outside of their shops so that their customers could dispose of their garbage in the best way instead of simply throwing waste on the street. 

Unfortunately, the problem was so extreme that the cardboard boxes filled up incredibly quickly by passers-by looking for a trash bin where to throw their waste. 

Frequent sewage

Another common cause of concern is the frequent sewage spills, occurring in the municipality, especially during the hurricane season. 

El Chileno Beach in Los Cabos with boat in the back

Heavy rains often cause damage to the local infrastructure, bringing sewage water to the city center. 

“The biggest complaint from tourists is that (..) they pay so much for a hotel but they have to walk through sewage in the center or garbage on the beach. Inside the hotels, the facilities are first class but the town itself doesn’t have the same image,” said Ricardo Araoz. 

Sewages are not only unpleasant for tourists but can also be quite dangerous. 

Street Food Vendor Los Cabos, Mexico

Not by chance, when sewage spills occur in the municipality, the local authorities tend to ban the sale of street food as the water used to prepare those dishes is often contaminated. 

This can lead to food poisoning and other dangerous diseases, such as diarrhea, both in infants and adults alike. 

Poor road conditions

Lastly, the poor road conditions are often a cause of concern for tourists visiting Los Cabos. 


One of the most recent complaints is the lack of traffic lights and street lights making it incredibly difficult for tourists to drive safely. On top of this, potholes tend to be the norm in the municipality.

People in the area are also known for driving recklessly which, coupled with the poor infrastructure, is the main cause of severe accidents occurring on a daily basis. 

Luckily, the Los Cabos government is now trying to improve mobility through several initiatives. For instance, thanks to the Permanent Pothole Program local workers have now fixed over a thousand potholes in the municipality. 

street filled with traffic in Mexico

On top of this, a new pedestrian bridge is currently being built to allow people by foot to cross the Transpeninsular Highway, in complete safety. 

Lastly, the speed limits in some areas of Los Cabos have been reduced from 90 km/h to 60 km/h to prevent accidents. 

Despite the trash, sewage spills, and poor road conditions, it is important to remember that Los Cabos remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, meaning that visitors deciding to spend their holidays here shouldn’t worry too much.

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Sunday 26th of November 2023

The speed signs on the Highway are 1 being ignored, 2 are very inconsistent- in some places it goes from 90 to 60 in 100 Yards !! And can you please comment on the excessive generator noise beside Cabo Real - its as loud as a jet engine - Thank You