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Los Cabos Begins To shut Down In Preparation For Tropical Storm Javier

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In the first few hours of Friday September 2nd local authorities reported that tropical storm Javier was located about 220 miles southwest of Los Cabos. The presence of the tropical storm is already causing strong winds, and consistent rain over the resort town. This has prompted authorities to ban smaller vessels from navigating in Cabo waters until further notice. Also, local schools have shut down this Friday in many parts of the region. 

Palm Trees in heavy winds

Many schools in the region serve as temporary shelters for people whose homes or lodging facilities are affected by hurricanes or tropical storms. Local authorities want to ensure that the facilities are ready if in fact they do have to turn into temporary shelters.

Weather Conditions In Cabo Over The Weekend     

Weather conditions in Cabo over the weekend are not looking favorable, particularly for travelers that were hoping to enjoy Cabo beaches. 43mph gusts of wind were reported near Cabo shores this morning, as well as the presence of up to 13 foot waves. These conditions prompted the Harbor Master to ban smaller vessels from going out to sea until further notice as we previously stated. Rain is expected to be a constant over the weeked in Cabo.

harsh weather conditions expected in Los Cabos

It’s not just tropical storm Javier though that is forming in the Mexican Pacific. A smaller tropical depression was also spotted further south near the Mexican Pacific coastline. This phenomenon is expected to cause heavy rains in Guerrero and Oaxaca. Whether this potential storm will make its way up the coast and potentially affect Los Cabos is still unknown. With both of these storms approaching, Los Cabos authorities want to make sure that facilities, and rescue vehicles are ready to aid those in need. 

Effects Of The Storm That Are Already Being Felt  

While at the time of writing there haven’t been any major damages reported to Cabo buildings due to the storm, tropical storm Javier is already causing some trouble in the region. Multiple rural areas around Los Cabos can only be accessed through back roads that run along streams and different bodies of water. 

Talks To Modernize Roads In And Around Cabo Underway

Authorities have already closed off access to one of these rural communities known as La Ribera, which features a couple of nearby hotels. The closure came about due to the increase in water levels which have effectively covered the road that leads to the community. Although at this time no further road closures are planned, authorities warn drivers to stay clear of roads that run along streams. These roads can flood quickly and cause vehicles to be stuck on the road or worse dragged by the strong currents that could form as water levels rise. 

flooded road

Los Cabos International Airport Is Still Operating Normally

In spite of the fact that the Cabo region is expecting weather conditions to worsen, the Los Cabos International Airport is continuing to operate normally. Morning flights from New York, Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles landed at the San Jose del Cabo facility as planned. Flights from Denver, Houston, and San Francisco that are programmed to land in the next couple of hours will seemingly also go on as planned. 

Los Cabos airport

As far as departures go, the same planes that landed in San Jose del Cabo this morning from the previously mentioned US cities of New York, Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles are scheduled to return to the city from which they came later in the afternoon. There has been no official announcement from air traffic control at the Cabo airport to indicate otherwise. If you have a planned trip to or from the Cabo region in the coming days it may be a good idea to monitor your flight status or get in touch with the airline to get updates on air travel conditions.