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Everything You Need To Know About This Incredible Festival Near Los Cabos

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With February just around the corner, Mexico is now getting ready to celebrate one of the most beloved festivities in the country, Carnival! 

And what better place to take part in the festivities than the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz

The La Paz Carnival Parade

Tourists planning to head to Los Cabos at the beginning of February cannot miss the chance to witness this unique celebration. 

But when is Carnival taking place? What should tourists expect? And how much does it cost to join? Here is everything you need to know about the La Paz 2024 Carnival.

When and where

Let’s start from the basics. This massive festivity will take place in most major cities in Mexico, including La Paz. 

Carnival parade in La Paz, Mexico

Located about 97 miles (157 km) northeast of Los Cabos, La Paz can be reached within a two-hour drive. 

This year, Carnival will begin on the 8th of February and will end five days later on the 13th, giving tourists plenty of time to check out this unique celebration. 

What should tourists expect?

Carnival is one of the most important festivities in Mexican culture and is celebrated with great fanfare.

The Carnival parade in La Paz

Tourists can expect plenty of street food stands where to try out the local cuisine, live music, street parties, parades, children’s shows, and much more. 

Another popular Mexican tradition is the crowning of a Carnival King and Queen, who will then take part in the festivities. 

Plenty of people from all over Mexico as well as foreign tourists are expected to head to La Paz to join the celebrations, meaning that visitors wanting to spend one or more days here should book their accommodation as soon as possible. 

Women dancing at the Carnival in La Paz

Carnival in Mexico is also synonymous with concerts, and this year is no exception. So what are some of the bands and singers who will soon perform in La Paz? 

Who’s performing? 

According to the latest news, the celebrations will start on Thursday, February 8th, with a comedy act by two local entertainers known as Turbulence and Burrita Burrona. 

The following day will be characterized by a performance by María León, the former vocalist of Playa Limbo. A concert by the youth band Jenny and the Mexicats will follow. 

People At A Large Music Festival

On February 10th, visitors will get the chance to see singer-songwriter Edén Muñoz and the band Inspector perform their best pieces, while on February 11th, Puerto Rican singer Kany García will take the stage. 

The last two days will be characterized by shows from Banda MS, Yuridia, and Banda El Recodo.

How much will it cost? 

While taking part in the celebrations is free, tourists will be asked to pay to join the so-called fan zone. 

Tourists on the Malecon in La Paz, Mexico

Prices are set at 2,500 pesos for Edén Muñoz, 1,500 for Kany García, 2,500 for MS Band, and 3,500 for both Banda El Recodo and Yuridia. 

Ticket sales will begin on Tuesday the 23rd, and visitors wishing to purchase a seat will have to head to the offices of the Municipal Treasurer of the La Paz City Council, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

The local government has stated that due to safety reasons, only 500 seats will be available. Each person will be only allowed to purchase up to four tickets. 

High-security levels

Mexican Police Officers in line

Considering the huge number of people expected to attend, the La Paz local police have decided to put in place several measures to keep everyone safe during the festivities.

According to local news, the Municipal Police will deploy about 500 officers as well as 30 vehicles to patrol the city during the event. 

In this regard, the Municipal President, Milena Quiroga Romero, stated: “Last year, people were very happy, there was a lot of security. That is also very important, so [we can confidently say] that it would be a family environment. This year, we are going to reinforce these security measures by deploying nearly 500 police officers on the boardwalk.”

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