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Los Cabos Crowned Most Popular Holiday In The World

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The runaway popularity of Los Cabos has gained yet another crown, with the destination being revealed as the most popular winter holiday destination in the whole world.

For travelers who have visited Los Cabos before, that won’t come as a surprise; the beautiful beaches, reliable weather, vibrant local culture, and luxurious resorts all come together to offer travelers a taste of paradise that isn’t matched anywhere else.

Additionally, this new feather in Los Cabos’ cap comes from a source that is hard to argue against.

A view of a beautiful rock formation jutting into the sea from a los cabos beach

Numbers Don’t Lie

For travelers, the constant stream of awards being taken home by Los Cabos can quickly become unimportant, understandably there’s only so many times a “best destination in Mexico” award can get travelers interested in one year.

On top of that, certain awards have, for many Americans, become associated with industries patting themselves on the back, leading many to take them with “a pinch of salt”.

However, there is one thing that travelers can always rely on to give them an idea of whether a destination is as popular and great as the awards claim, and that is cold hard data.

The travvy awards ceremony with Los Cabos results on a projector screen

Highest Occupancy In The World

Los Cabos topped the Latin American rankings for occupancy, an achievement that is impressive alone when considering the huge competition it has from destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico alone.

But even more impressively, Los Cabos also tops the worldwide list and cements its place as one of the greatest vacation destinations a traveler can choose.

The following is a snapshot of why Los Cabos is the most popular vacation destination in the world during the winter holiday season.

travelers relaxing by their resort poolside at sundown

Escaping Winter

For Los Cabos, winter is the most popular time of the year for travelers to visit.

As cold winds and rain descend on the northern states of the U.S., Los Cabos basks in sunshine and super comfortable temperatures, never getting too hot nor too cold.

View of los cabos arch

A Perfect Vacation For Everyone

It’s no secret that Los Cabos is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. While places like Dubai, the Maldives, and Bali have their fair share of luxurious resorts, nowhere has done it as long or as consistently as Los Cabos.

Additionally, while luxury is a big expectation for a Los Cabos vacation, travelers don’t always need to break the bank to experience it. After decades of high expectations and the constantly improving resort landscape, even the most budget-friendly resort in Los Cabos offers more than just a clean bed.

For travelers looking to maximize their spending power, booking their trips early might not be enough.

Many travelers use a travel credit card that offers rewards points or miles on travel purchases, which can help offset the cost of the trip and maybe even allow for a splurge at that luxurious spa treatment.

Here’s one of the absolute best.

Los cabos resort with a view from the pool over the bay

There is a growing roster of Boutique hotels that have been getting super-popular in Los Cabos, especially with younger travelers who want a more unique experience.

But perhaps the biggest seal of approval for the huge variety of resorts in Los Cabos comes from the travelers who have been visiting the destination for decades.

There is a special club of Americans who have seen Los Cabos grow year after year. Some first arrived in the 90s, taking part in the awesome spring break celebrations that are held here each year.

Tourists at a pool party at the hard rock hotel in Cabo

Years later they returned with their families, enjoying the awesome experiences it provides for those who are seeking a vacation that delivers both for parents and their kids.

And now, a lifetime later, those same travelers are enjoying the fruits of their labor in the lap of luxury, in a destination that has only gotten better as the years have passed by.

Couple Eating at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

An Unbeatable Welcome

Another huge factor, aside from the luxury and beautiful landscapes, for why Americans have turned Los Cabos into one of the most popular destinations in the world is the welcome they receive.

Even after the millions of visitors that have come here over decades, the locals are as welcoming to Americans as ever.

It can’t be overstated how big of a deal that is. Across the world, the long-popular destinations that have been welcoming tourists since the industry exploded in the 1970s have been seeing big cracks in the relationship between locals and travelers.

Travelers walking through a market

Spain, Paris, London, Italy, and even Greece are wrestling with deteriorating attitudes towards tourism. Most famously, perhaps, is Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, going so far recently as to take out advertisements in the UK telling their citizens not to come to their city on vacation.

Compare that to Los Cabos, where Americans are being welcomed with the same smiles and service that they have always received, and the secret to Los Cabos’ success becomes clear.

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