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This Gorgeous City Near Los Cabos Is The Best Bang For Your Buck In Southern Baja

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One thing is for sure – Los Cabos is not a budget destination. Tourists have been experiencing rising prices.

As one of the most luxurious vacation spots for Americans, it often comes at a premium price. Sure, you can stay at a hostel to save some money, but that ruins the allure of a Cabo trip sippin’ margaritas at the resort pool.

balandra beach in la paz

Southern Baja is one of the top destinations for travelers in 2024. Between Los Cabos, the charming small towns nearby, and another gorgeous coastal city a couple of hours away, you can’t go wrong picking southern Baja as your Mexican escape.

For those looking for a phenomenal beach vacay while sticking to your budget, Los Cabos may not be the right fit.

A safe bet for the best bang for your buck is La Paz, one of the top-rated beach destinations in the world.

Weigh Your Options

waves in Los Cabos

Baja is a vacation hotspot, with Los Cabos breaking all-time tourism records in 2023. Half a million more tourists are expected to pour in by the end of 2024 too.

With so many cool places to visit in the region, one has to ask themselves what they’re seeking on their next vacation.

If a luxury splurge tops the list, the answer is clearly Los Cabos. If authentic small towns with incredible surf spots are more up your alley, then perhaps Todos Santos.

If visiting one of the best beaches in the world is more your jam, all while saving money, then it’s clear it’s time to take a trip to La Paz.

If you’d like to do a mix of all 3, then one of the best hacks out there is finding a travel card that can maximize your savings. Here are some of our faves!

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Similar Experiences

Comparing Los Cabos to La Paz and vice versa is apples and oranges in some ways, but they have more in common than one might suspect.

Prices definitely vary in direct comparison as the nicest hotels here don’t sniff an average of $550 per night, like Los Cabos.

Los Cabos has dozens of blue-flagged beaches, certifying them as the most pristine in all of Latin America, while La Paz has one of the most eye-popping top-rated beaches in the world. Take your pick.

balandra bay in la Paz

Both destinations are among the best for whale watching, especially this season. La Paz had a rough start to open the season with unexpected delays, but they’re now back on course, offering top-notch tours to see the ocean’s gentle giants up close and personal.

Los Cabos definitely has La Paz beat in terms of all-inclusive stays, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

La Paz does indeed have immaculate hotels, including 5-star beachfront hotels such as the Hotel Indigo and Costa Baja Resort & Spa, which are often hundreds of dollars cheaper than popular Cabo resorts.

If you’re a foodie, you can’t go wrong with either city. Both offer phenomenal seafood with stunning views from restaurant patios.

Reaching La Paz

alaska air plane in cabo

The unfortunate fact about reaching La Paz is it is a trek for Americans. Unless arriving by cruise, travelers will need to fly into Los Cabos or connect via a Mexican airline, such as Volaris, VivaAerobus, or Aeromexico.

La Paz is roughly a 2-hour journey from Los Cabo International Airport, assuming traffic isn’t an issue.

One of travelers’ biggest complaints about the area is gridlock traffic and various infrastructure issues, making the trip to La Paz more of a hassle should you time your trip wrong.

As La Paz becomes more popular, one can only hope U.S. airlines take notice and begin offering direct flights to this highly underrated city just like American Airlines recognized in Loreto.

airport in los cabos

La Paz Wins With Authenticity

As beach destinations become more popular, some of them lose their charm in terms of authenticity. That’s not the case for La Paz – at least not yet.

Los Cabos may offer luxury at every turn, but it lacks an authentic feel for Mexico the way that places like La Paz still hold dearly.

With fewer crowds and no over-saturation concerns, La Paz has been able to keep their unique charm, so tourists can immerse themselves in the local culture.

cathedral in la paz

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