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California Man Dies While Scuba Diving Near La Paz

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A 60-year-old American from California has died while scuba diving near La Paz.

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Details of the incident

The State Attorney General, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, said work is being done on the final verification of the deceased. Still, all indications seem to point at it being the American man. More evidence pointing to the identity was belongings found on the abandoned boat several days earlier.

Anaya said, “Yes, look at the confirmation; we are looking at the respective expert tests of genetics. However, all indications are point to this being the correct identification. The clothing, his complexion, all his characteristics match this person.”

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The determining cause of death was a heart attack caused by the decompensation of air that can occur when scuba diving.

The Attorney General clarified that “we are doing the paperwork, as it is a foreign person on his boat. The boat has been recovered and sent to the navy.” Anaya confirmed that the American is being identified and handed over to his family. However, he stressed they are first establishing the cause of death expertly.

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The victim related to abandoned boat found

The identified 60-year-old Californian is related to an abandoned boat found earlier in the week. “The Cat” was found abandoned on a beach at Loretana on Saturday night. The victim’s belongings and identification were found on the abandoned boat. Details came out that relatives of the owner of the catamaran had shown up to join the search a day later.

Relatives of the 60-year-old said the boat was departing from the waters of Comondu, heading to La Paz, and then would anchor in Isla Carmen. They believed the victim was there to see the cave paintings in the area.

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Scuba diving safety tips for newcomers

Scuba diving is one of the more popular activities in the La Paz or Los Cabos area for tourists. With crystal clear water, arches, and cave paintings to explore, it’s no surprise how popular it can be for newcomers to try. However, scuba diving can be a dangerous activity, no matter your expertise. There are plenty of safety tips to keep you safe if you decide to try scuba diving.

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Never hold your breath- Any new scuba diver will tell you never to hold your breath underwater when equipped for scuba diving. Holding your breath underwater can cause severe injury or even death, and there won’t be a problem as long as the diver breathes because excess air can escape.

Check your gear- Underwater; your survival depends on your equipment. Conduct a buddy check thoroughly on your gear. If either you or your buddies gear malfunctions, it could be life-threatening for both divers.

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Dive within your limits- Never attempt a dive beyond your qualification level. Conditions such as current, water temp, surface conditions change from day to day. Don’t be afraid to call a dive if you’re not comfortable. Certain dives such as wreck penetrations, deep dives, and diving in overhead environments all require specific training.

Use the buddy system- Some organizations offer solo-diving certifications, but diving alone is an absolute no-no unless you have been adequately trained. The majority of emergency skills rely on the presence of a buddy. Statistics from several reputable diving studies show that 86 percent of all fatalities are solo dives.

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