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Cabo Hotels Are 80% Booked Leading To Higher Prices

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As projected tourists are flocking to Cabo beaches for Spring Break. The total number of foreign nationals that are expected to arrive in the region in the month of March sits right around 300 thousand. This number more than doubles the total amount of “spring breakers” that hit Cabo beaches in 2019 prior to the pandemic. Cabo hotels have maintained a steady 76% occupancy rate throughout the week. While boasting over 84% occupancy over the weekends. Even more people are expected to arrive in the region in these last few days of the month.

Tourist Movement On Beaches

If the projections come true this will set record occupancy numbers in the region. Highly benefiting a local economy that was decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As was the case with many cities that are highly dependent on tourism. Speaking of economic recovery, the high number of tourists arriving to the region has prompted a massive hike in the prices of hotel rooms in the Cabo region. 

hotel rooms

In February the average cost per night at high-end hotels in the Los Cabos area was right around 300 dollars. Keep in mind, most of these prices are for all-inclusive packages at high-end hotels. If $300 dollars didn’t sound expensive enough in the month of March the average price per night for the same hotels has skyrocketed to a whopping $400 dollars per night. The high prices don’t seem to bother California, and Arizona residents. Tourists from those two American states make up a large part of the 300 thousand travelers heading south of the border for Spring Break.

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Occupancy & Rates Can Still See An Uptick In The Coming Weeks

The finals days of March look to be the busiest in the region. At least for this Spring season. The president of the hotels’ Association of Los Cabos, Lizly Orcí, pointed out that most travelers are arriving to the region with fully booked travel plans that include lodging, and food arrangements. This could effectively hike up the prices for tourists who are looking to make last minute trips to the region.

Tourists Swimming In Cabo

Although Los Cabos is at a green COVID warning level there are still COVID protocols in place. Including limiting certain spots to 80% capacity. That’s an important factor to keep in mind. As it is typically a good idea to book meals, and other activities in advance. Not only to get better rates, but to ensure that you’ll be guaranteed a spot.

Dining Options In Los Cabos

La Paz Offers Lower Rates, But They Could Also See An Increase

If you’re looking for a less expensive travel destination that is still in the Baja region La Paz may just be the best option for you. La Paz hotel occupancy rates are also reaching record numbers. Although, this city is relying much more on local tourism. The past weekend was a 4-day weekend in Mexico. Many local tourists chose La Paz to vacation. The hotel occupancy rate in the area over the weekend reached over 87%! Throughout the month La Paz hotels have remained around 80% booked.

La Paz Beach & Hotels

Local authorities seem rather amazed at the numbers. As they comment that La Paz tourism in general still has plenty of room to grow. Currently, tourists only book an average of 2.4 nights in La Paz hotels. A number that pales in comparison to the average number of nights that tourists tend to book in other main tourists destinations. With the Cabo region for comparison reaching up to 5 nights being booked on average by tourists. The biggest upside to La Paz though, could be the low rates that the area offers in general. With average hotel fees per night going for under 100 dollars in the region. 

In recent interviews conducted by local newspapers, tourists in La Paz reported that they had only spent around 750 dollars on their entire La Paz trip. That included transportation costs, food, entertainment, and lodging.