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Bars In Los Cabos Not Following Restrictions Could Be Shut Down

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Local authorities made the rounds to check on bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Los Cabos over the weekend. The municipal health director Juan Carlos Costich Perez confirmed that groups of inspectors as well as members of the Los Cabos police force arrived at local establishments in an operation that lasted from 11pm to 4am presumably from Saturday to Sunday morning. According to Costich Perez, virtually all of the registered nightlife venues within both Cabos San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo were checked by authorities. He would go on to reveal that at least 10% of the places that were visited did not comply with the current local COVID guidelines, and could be fined, and subsequently shut down. 

Bar Tender Using Hand Sanatizer

The Current COVID Guidelines That Nightlife Venues Have To Follow   

Costich Perez was not particularly clear which of the guidelines these venues were not following along with. However, he did mention that establishments had to set up “disinfection filters” sparking the return of temperature checks, and hand sanitizer at the entrance to these venues. Effectively adding more guidelines that these places have to now comply with. 

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Some of the other guidelines that these spots have to follow include closing up by 3 in the morning, as well as operating at or under 70% capacity. Bars with open spaces have a bit more leeway with the capacity restrictions than fully closed facilities. As far as mask wearing goes it’s encouraged by local authorities and potentially requested by certain spots, but the current guidelines aren’t all that clear.    

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How Close Are Any Bars From Being Shutdown? 

After authorities reportedly checked every certified bar, restaurant, and club in Los Cabos the 10% that are not following guidelines were informed that they would be given 15 days to comply with the current COVID guidelines. The municipal health director also confirmed that the current COVID restrictions were set to remain in place at least for another week, as the number of COVID cases in the region continues to climb. 

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If these venues who were caught not complying with the current COVID guidelines don’t straighten things out within the two week grace period they could be facing fines of more than 60 thousand pesos (a bit under 3 thousand dollars). Spots that don’t comply with the COVID guidelines after being fined face the outright closure of the venue. 

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COVID Cases In Baja California Sur Continue To Rise 

Restaurant and bar owners could gamble, and bet on COVID restrictions easing up in the next 15 days to see them be able to comply with restrictions without losing too much profit. However, that doesn’t seem like a smart bet as COVID cases in the state of Baja California Sur continue to climb. In fact, the state which is home to Los Cabos has the highest infection rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the entire country. 

Even higher than places like Mexico City which due to its dense population was a COVID hub in the first waves of the disease. Baja California Sur reports a rate of 191 new active cases per 100,000 people, while Mexico City only has a rate of 73.9. The number of active COVID cases in Los Cabos rose to 417 active cases. There are currently 24 people hospitalized due to complications from COVID in the state.  

June Expected To Bring 5th Covid Wave In Los Cabos

Aside from the disinfection stations that restaurants have to set up, Costich Perez also called on locals and tourists to wear masks whenever possible, particularly indoors. He had already urged people to avoid large gatherings whenever possible. At this point, as previously stated authorities have decided to have COVID restrictions remain the same for another week at least. The committee that decides these restrictions is potentially open to increasing restrictions if cases continue to climb.