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Los Cabos Will Implement New Restrictions As Covid Cases Surge

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Active COVID cases continue to climb in Los Cabos, and this has certainly sparked concern amongst local authorities. As things stand Los Cabos authorities report that there are currently 348 people that have contracted COVID within the city. Of those 348 only 10 people have been hospitalized due to the severity of their condition. Because of these numbers, Los Cabos has been downgraded to a yellow COVID warning light, this downgrade means the return of certain COVID restrictions to the area.

Mask Wearing On Beach

Restaurants & Nightclubs Set To Be The Most Affected By The New COVID Restrictions  

The new COVID restrictions that are set to be in effect starting this weekend will see bars and restaurants who sell alcoholic beverages have to close their doors by 3am. All indoor venues are going to see a drop in the number of people that they’ll be allowed to host. Capacity at restaurants, movie theaters, night clubs, and any other event held indoors will have to be limited to 70%. 

Beachfront Restaurant in Cabo

It’s understood that masks are going to be required to access any of these indoor venues. As far as mask wearing outdoors that remains optional in all of Baja California Sur. However, local authorities are encouraging locals, and tourists to wear a mask whenever possible to reduce the spread of the virus. Social distancing was also recommended by local officials, but how these recommendations are enforced within the different venues could certainly vary.   

Bars in Los Cabos

The 5th COVID Wave Has Reached Los Cabos 

The local health director in Los Cabos, Juan Carlos Costich Perez, held a press conference to announce the previously mentioned restrictions. He also announced that schools would have to close up their facilities by the 23rd of June. In his press conference he ultimately announced the arrival of the 5th COVID wave to the Cabo region. Costich Perez had this about the decision to impose COVID related restrictions in Los Cabos. 

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“We are going through a fifth COVID wave in the entire country, although most people who have contracted the disease present mild symptoms, it’s been decided to go on and impose preventive measures. We have to double down on efforts to combat the disease and respect the decisions of the committee.” 

Costich Perez would go on to say that local authorities are going to make an effort to police the area and ensure that the restrictions with regards to occupancy rates and closing times are being followed by Los Cabos establishments. Making it known that authorities are not going to think twice about shutting down venues that are not following the new restrictions. 

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Mask Wearing Outdoors Is Currently Not Mandatory, But Recommended

Baja California Sur’s health secretary, Dr. Zazil Flores Aldape, who had anticipated that a 5th COVID wave was set to hit the area a couple of months back mentioned that although mask wearing outdoors is not mandatory it is recommended. As is, social distancing even when outdoors. She made a plea to the general public to follow the new guidelines in an effort to minimize the effects of this 5th COVID wave in the region. 

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The health secretary also took time to provide some extra advice to indoor venues that host large numbers of guests. She mentioned that even in a closed space with  proper air conditioning or artificial ventilation system it’s important to have natural ventilation in the rooms. Opening up windows and allowing clean air to flow through these venues can be a good way to reduce the spread of the virus in her estimation. Doctor Flores also made a plea with local companies in different sectors to comply with the new restrictions in order to avoid stricter COVID protocols down the line.