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Los Cabos To Limit Number Of Beach Vendors After Multiple Arrests

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Responding to the arrests of three vendors several days ago, Los Cabos business owners have voiced the need to limit beach vendors. The owner’s concerns stem from the safety and image of Los Cabos.

Beach vendors and tourists

Los Cabos city to limit beach vendors

Worried by recent events, the Los Cabos city council had a meeting to discuss a growing issue with beach vendors. This issue is certainly spurred on by the arrest of 3 beach vendors that were selling drugs. However, there have been complaints before the arrests, that too many beach vendors are damaging the Los Cabos beach reputation.

Because of the busy month that Los Cabos had in March and the expected large crowds for Holy Week, the Los Cabos city council has decided to limit the number of beach vendors. This is a decision that will take place immediately and may last the rest of the year. According to officials, the three levels of government will collaborate with law enforcement to enforce the limited number.

The monitoring and enforcement will primarily be focused on El Medano Beach for the next several months as that’s where the largest number of tourists convene. Outside of El Medano Beach, they will adjust law enforcement to where they are needed most.

mexican soldiers on beach

Business owners voice concern

Leonardo Perlie Isea, the representative of the Association of Entrepreneurs of El Medano Beach, is stating concerns business owners have.

Several solutions discussed are to help the business owner’s concerns. One option is a video surveillance program over a 1-mile area of El Medano beach.

The owners believe the effort put in by the city and authorities can complement video surveillance.

The city council has concerns about the upkeep of the surveillance system. They brought up the program’s cost but believed it would be worth it in the end. The necessary changes for beach surveillance are paramount in keeping the ever-growing tourist population safe.

tourists and beach soldiers

The city’s reputation could be at risk

For the Los Cabos entrepreneurs, security is not the only concern. Perlie and the business owners discussed the large volume of street vendors the beach is starting to see. The business owner’s opinion is that the high number of vendors on the beach is negatively affecting the area’s image and tourist experience.

The owners understand the need for vendors but believe they should be managed and limited. They believe Los Cabos sells an image. Having an unlimited amount of vendors on the beaches diminishes that image and appeals to tourists.

The city will reinforce operations by limiting beach vendors during the Easter season and possibly for the remainder of the year.

two beach vendors

How does this affect tourists?

While some tourists spend their days relaxing and exploring, others like to spend their time shopping. Los Cabos has no shortage of brick-and-mortar shops and stores to choose from. Part of the charm of a vacation in an international destination is the unique local perspective that is offered. When enjoying the beaches that Los Cabos offers, you will surely come across vendors selling different items, from food and drink to clothing and souvenirs.

beach vendor with customers

Most business owners in Los Cabos want everyone to succeed, so their concerns should be legitimately addressed. While there is no place for the sale of illegal substances anywhere in Los Cabos, authorities stress a couple of items.

They are worried a few business owners may take this opportunity to push out beach vendors, because they are taking business away from their shops. While this skepticism may be appropriate, the need to flush out the dishonest beach vendors will only help legitimate ones stay in business and have honest work.

customer at local store in mexico

Most of these vendors are just smaller entrepreneurs trying to make an honest living. There should be no issue giving your business to them. There is always a “buyer beware” element to doing business with a sole vendor. Common sense comes into practice here, as long as the prices aren’t exorbitant, you should feel comfortable spending the money, if that is your choice.

If you are buying from a beach vendor and offered illegal items as well, authorities say you should politely say no, remove yourself from the situation, and contact the nearest authorities.

tourist police station