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Los Cabos Beach Vendors Arrested For Distributing Drugs

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During the heart of the busiest tourist month Los Cabos has ever seen, there are people waiting to take advantage. Beachgoers were surprised by a few beach vendors this week who were selling more than what was in their handicrafts.

police car near beach

Details on beach vendor arrests

Numerous complaints were made by civilians on beaches around Cabo San Lucas. Following these complaints, the Mexican Navy was able to arrest 3 street vendors. These vendors were using their handicrafts to smuggle and sell illicit substances to beachgoers. The drugs were hidden in special compartments, out of plain sight.

Most of the complaints were made around El Medano Beach. The operation checked most vendors in the area and found that 3 were selling different kinds of drugs.

police on beach

The substances were found in gold and purple wrappers. The drugs they found on the vendors were cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana separately.

When reviewing security cameras around the area, they captured approximately 40 illegal narcotic sales on the beach. However, they have not been able to identify or locate the buyers. According to authorities, the suspects were detained, evidence was collected, and they will proceed through the legal process.

security cameras

Crime in the area

While petty crime still occurs around Los Cabos, it’s been a positive start to the year for more serious crime. The first two months of the year registered a drop in serious or violent crime. When comparing January and February 2022 to last year, homicides are down 50% comparatively speaking.

There were 15 cases of intentional homicide reported through the first two months. It’s important to report that of the 15 homicides, 60% have been resolved. This is according to State Attorney General, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya.

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Keeping tourists safe from crime

While Los Cabos has seen over three hundred thousand visitors in March, safety has run relatively smoothly. With tourism such a key part of the local economy, officials always have a focus on keeping visitors safe.

Over the last month, there has been a substantial increase in police presence in areas around Los Cabos. Beaches have seen an increase in patrols of law enforcement. Sections of Los Cabos that are busier at night, like bars and restaurants, have seen more law enforcement. 

cabo san lucas business district

While spring break is entering its final week of the year, enhanced security does not plan on changing its presence anytime soon. April continues to be a very busy month for tourists, not only from their two biggest markets, U.S. and Canada, but also domestic as well.

Holy week is in April this year and always brings a large influx of tourists. This is particularly true for other parts of Mexico. Planning is already in place throughout different levels of government. They plan to maintain larger than normal security levels throughout the week.

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Staying safe with common traveling tips

Officials from Los Cabos have stressed throughout this busy period that tourists exercise common sense when enjoying the area. Staying aware of your surroundings and traveling in a group instead of alone is always helpful. Do not carry an excessive amount of cash on you, as that can make you a target if other people become aware of it.

Establishments, where alcohol is being served, are always an enhanced risk for problems. These issues are amplified later in the evening, so heading back to your hotel or resort at a decent hour is always advised. 

Lastly, Los Cabos is full of locals that are appreciative of tourists and their business. Conducting yourself with respect towards others helps reduce conflict in a foreign country drastically.

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