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Los Cabos Airbnb Vs. All Inclusive Resort, Which Is Best For Your Next Vacation?

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Many resorts within the Los Cabos region have turned to an All-Inclusive model, even high-end resorts that typically don’t offer this type of deal in other parts of the world do so in Cabo. This allows tourists access to premium service in quality facilities throughout the region. Does this mean that renting out an Airbnb property like you would at other destinations is out of the question? That may not entirely be the case. 

Pool bar at RIU resort in Los Cabos

It all comes down to the type of vacation that each tourist may be looking for. At the same time the cost of each option is something that needs to be taken into consideration. With this in mind then, let’s explore the pros and cons of each option. To hopefully help people find the travel method that will work best for them in their next Cabo vacation. 

Pros Of The All-Inclusive Model Option

Perhaps the biggest upside to the All-Inclusive model is the fact that travelers who chose this option won’t have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from when in Los Cabos. Also, it’s easier to stick to a budget when traveling to an all-inclusive resort. Since travelers will have virtually paid for everything that they need for their trip in advance. 

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Los Cabos Resort Packed with Tourists Having Fun in the Pool

If you decide to stay at an Airbnb property you’ll likely have to take time out of your day to go to a store to buy or prepare food at the property. If you don’t want to cook you can of course head to restaurants within the Cabo area, but each trip represents a new expense.

Los Cabos Hotel With Large Beachside Area

The time, effort, and money that you have to put into meals at an Airbnb are things you can forgo at an All-Inclusive resort. You’ll want to make sure though that the resort you choose features restaurants or entertainment options that are appealing to you. That way you’ll want to stay at the resort and take advantage of the amenities that it offers. 

restaurant at the grand velas resort

Pros of Renting An Airbnb In Los Cabos

This option is typically going to be better suited for large groups. Although certain resorts offer discounts for larger groups particularly for events such as weddings in general, it’s usually going to be more cost effective for larger groups of travelers to rent an Airbnb. Speaking of costs, that’s another one of the benefits that renting an Airbnb can provide. In an all inclusive, there’s a set price, and you’ll be paying for the amenities whether you use them or not. 

View of a private villas with plunge pooll, ourdoor seating and the beach at Rancho Pescadero Resort

In an Airbnb you’ll be able to have more control over expenses. Since you’ll only pay for food, entertainment, or any other experiences that you want to enjoy while in Los Cabos. Also, staying at an Airbnb allows tourists to experience the small Mexico town ethos that, especially, San Jose del Cabo has to offer. Whereas travelers staying at a hotel will likely be enticed to stay at the resort and not enjoy the town as much since they’ve already paid for the aforementioned amenities at the property. 

Cathedral in San Jose del Cabo, surrounded by trees.

Types of Travelers That Won’t Necessarily Benefit From All Inclusive Resorts

Travelers who are headed to Los Cabos to experience some of the multiple activities that the region has to offer outside of resorts may not benefit from going to an All-Inclusive property. Now, it’s true that some resorts include excursions and different types of off site experiences within their travel packages. For the most part though, if the highlight of your Cabo trip is meant to be diving at Cabo Pulmo or hiking in Fox Canyon you may not be the type of traveler that will take advantage of the All-Inclusive amenities. 

Small Tourists on a Boat in Cabo San Lucas Having Fun

Why It May Not Make Sense To Rent An Airbnb

Tourists who want to spend their stay in Los Cabos completely relaxed without having to worry about anything may not benefit from staying at an Airbnb. For the most part Airbnb’s are self service, at an All-Inclusive resort in Los Cabos there’s typically a lot of people around to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. Also, Cabo locals have recently gotten into feuds with party loving tourists who rent out homes in residential areas that aren’t necessarily tourist friendly. This is an issue that you can out right avoid at an All-Inclusive resort. Particularly an adult oriented one where guests can let loose and party freely.

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