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Los Cabos Officials Cracking Down On Dirty Restaurants Due To Customer Complaints 

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As Los Cabos continues to grow as a foodie destination, it is becoming more and more important to ensure the quality and safety of food served at restaurants, and from food trucks, in the region.   

But while the majority of restaurants in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo meet the standards defined by COEPRIS, which is the State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks, others are being called out for not meeting standards.   

Couple Eating at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

For this reason, Los Cabos officials are cracking down on dirty restaurants due to multiple customer complaints. 

Restaurant Cleanliness Complaints 

According to reports, Dr. José Manuel Larumbe Pineda, state commissioner of COEPRIS, did not know the exact number of complaints that have been received regarding the cleanliness of Los Cabos restaurants and other eating establishments when asked.   

He did point out, though, that “it is essential on the part of restaurant owners and food stalls to maintain their establishments in optimal condition.”   

He also encouraged the reporting of restaurant violations, stating that “The cleanliness of the place is a complaint in itself that can be gladly filed on Web Mx.” 

Interior of a Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What COEPRIS Does 

COEPRIS, or the State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks, is responsible for ensuring that restaurants and other food-serving establishments abide by specific quality and hygiene standards.   

Additionally, it is their job to protect the health of those that dine at these establishments in Los Cabos.   

Visiting restaurants and other food vendors to verify their cleanliness and that suitable products are being served is one way that they do this.   

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Street Food Vendor Los Cabos, Mexico

After A Complaint Is Filed 

Once a complaint has been filed by a customer, regarding either the cleanliness of a Los Cabo restaurant or food safety concerns, a few different things will happen.   

First, the restaurant will be visited by an inspector from COEPRIS, who will verify the validity of the complaint.   

Then, depending on the severity of the situation, the restaurant owner will be dealt with accordingly. 

Tourists Dining at a Buffet in Los Cabos, Mexico

Sanctions For Restaurants In Violation 

For the first violation, unless it poses an immediate health risk, like the presence of rodents or certain insects, the restaurant owner might just get a warning to correct the problem.   

For more serious violations like the ones mentioned above, though, the individual in charge of the restaurant might be ordered to close it down temporarily.   

Other penalties may be imposed on the restaurant owner as well.   

Street Food Stall with Woman Preparing Food

Eating In Los Cabos 

As Los Cabos has been growing in popularity among tourists from all over the world, so has the number of options for eating when visiting the popular vacation destination.   

There are both casual and high-end restaurants, street food vendors, and taquerias in Los Cabos for visitors to enjoy.   

All are expected to maintain certain standards regarding hygiene and food safety. 

Mexican Food Truck with Food on the Cooking Surface

Issues Regarding Food Safety In Los Cabos Restaurants  

While it isn’t common to hear about food safety issues in Los Cabos, that’s not to say that some establishments don’t keep up to standards.   

This is particularly true for some street food vendors, especially during the summer months when it’s more difficult to keep food at a safe temperature.   

In fact, authorities sometimes issue warnings to tourists as a reminder to be careful purchasing from street food vendors because of this and the fact that it’s more difficult to maintain cleanliness when prepping food in outdoor conditions.   

Outdoor Food Vendor with People in Line

Moving Forward 

As a result of the number of complaints received regarding restaurants and other eating establishments in Los Cabos, dirty restaurants can expect warnings from COEPRIS officials in the near future.   

Nobody wants to be the one to dine in one of these restaurants.   

But the complaints given by customers who have noticed a problem bring the issue to the forefront to be addressed, so that everybody can enjoy safer dining in Los Cabos.

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