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Los Cabos Issues Jellyfish Alert For Tourists At Most Popular Beach

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A new group of spring season tourists are heading to the beaches.

No, we are not writing about the hordes of college students. Instead, we are talking about the jellyfish washing up on some of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos just in time for the peak spring travel season.

Jellyfish on beach

White Flags on Beaches

White flags have hit the shores of popular Los Cabos beaches, warning tourists about the presence of jellyfish washing up from the waves. Currently, an average of 15 tourist stings are being reported each day.

One is regarded as the center of tourist activity in Los Cabos – El Médano. The others are El Corsario, Hacienda Beach and Corsario Beach.

The problem is, despite efforts to educate tourists about the color significance of the flags, most do not know what they mean and ignore the warnings anyway. But tourists in Los Cabos swim at their own risk when anything else but a green flag is displayed on the beach.

people walking on los cabos beach

For example, the tourist corridor of in San José del Cabo recently was sporting red flags which are displayed in extreme situations when swimming is absolutely prohibited and unsafe.

While some people are fine with swimming with jellyfish, it is generally not advised. Those that do still hit the waves should wear wetsuits, water shoes and rash guard lotions. The main danger is actually when getting out of the water and stepping on the stinging tentacles with bare feet.

I’m Not Jelly

Los Cabos is actually well known for jellyfish blooms in the warm waters off the coast. They are usually active during the warming spring and summers months which often can double as mating season.

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Jellyfish on Beach

The current activity in Los Cabos waters is not the light blooms, but instead one to twenty on a single beach and they are also floating in the waters.

There are not jellyfish in the waters around Los Cabos every year, but the warmer waters offshore are attracting them this year.

The clear animals are typically pretty tough to see. Some are a deep blue color which makes them more visible in the water. The blue blobs are easy to maneuver around in the water. But on the beach, they must be avoided at all costs as they can pack a punch.

Jelly Fish Stings

Most tourists won’t know they are there until they feel the barb of the tentacle and the resulting sting. The good news is the sting is temporary, and actually, most people experience an itching symptom instead after the initial sting.

How To Handle Jellyfish Stings

Despite common belief, urinating on jellyfish stings is not a good thing to do. Nor is pouring a beer or other alcohol on the wound.

people walking along beach lifeguards

The best thing to do is to reach out to a lifeguard, as they are trained by local medical authorities to provide first aid to tourists affected by jellyfish stings.

They can usually handle the situation on their own. If not, they have access to radios to reach emergency response personnel that can provide a higher level of care and respond in just a couple of minutes. The key is not to delay or wait before reporting the sting.

Lifeguard Hut Mexico

Some people are actually allergic to jellyfish stings and are not aware of the allergy until stung for the very first time. In this case, move quickly to notify beach personnel and proceed immediately to the emergency room for medical care.

The good news is, for the most part, jellyfish stings are not life-threatening. However, they definitely can cause a significant amount of pain. The most significant impact most people feel is itchiness. However, scratching the wound can actually make the situation worse.

In actuality, the worst impact of a jellyfish sting is that it can ruin a fun spring day out at the beach in Los Cabos. Better to find a beach without a white flag instead.

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