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Will Los Cabos Be The Next Smart City And What Would It Mean For Travelers?

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The world in the next decade is expected to look very different from today, and Los Cabos could very well be a Smart City by then.

More technology, working from anywhere, and more interconnected cities will be the norm as technology rapidly advances. Much of this advancement was brought on by the effects of the health crisis, but it is here to stay.

Remote worker on laptop at beach

Officials in Los Cabos recently reflected on part of a United Nations initiative called “Interconnecting Smart Cities”.

More importantly, they considered the important impacts on the tourism industry in Los Cabos and the effect on visitors to the beach resort destination.

What Are Smart Cities?

According to the United Nations, smart cities utilize cutting-edge technology developments to improve life in urban environments. This, in turn, leads to improved quality of life, greater prosperity, and sustainability, along with engaged and empowered citizens.

Governments at all three levels in Mexico – federal, state, and local – are charged with bringing these local technology changes to life in their municipalities.

At this point, officials in Los Cabos are working on the framework for interconnected smart city technologies.

Los Cabos public bus

Just last week, Los Cabos officials announced that all of the public transit schedules would be digitized. The next step is to put transmitters on the buses like many cities have, so riders can tell how long the wait will be for the next bus at each stop.

The Connection to Tourism

What it means for Los Cabos tourism is that visitors will come to expect access to advanced technologies that allow them to seamlessly connect to their home and business networks to sync their lives.

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Remote worker drinking coffee while on laptop

Tourism businesses in Los Cabos will be expected to upgrade their networks and speed capabilities and have amenities in place to serve visitors as part of the smart city systems.

Tourists will expect to have more business system capabilities in Los Cabos resorts and hotels where if an urgent need happens while on vacation, they can simply step into business mode, sending documents and holding conference calls in a specially enabled remote conference room.

All of this smart city infrastructure will have to be built out and connected by high-speed fiber connections available on demand by visitors.

Woman on beach with smartphone

Benefits For Tourists

Imagine tourists visiting Los Cabos and being able to access files on their home networks using high-speed fiber internet connections while lounging at a pool. Everywhere they go, visitors are able to send and receive documents and access information in real-time.

Sure, it is possible now, with some challenging connections and expensive software solutions. But not to the extent that is planned for the future.

Man paying for restaurant bill using tap to pay

Instead of working remotely in hotel rooms and cafes, tourists will instead be able to work from anywhere. It’s a dream for many of us to be always connected and to drive business results even from El Médano beach in Los Cabos.

Visitors will also be able to leverage the technology to share their exciting experiences seamlessly and in real-time with friends and family around the world.

Whether it’s the big catch while fishing in Los Cabos or fine dining at the resort, the smart city technology will bring the experience to life just like friends and family were right there.

Family Whale Watching

Visiting a local museum with smart city technology will bring the exhibits to life.

Going to a museum in Los Cabos with a whale exhibit could provide visitors an opportunity to see a whale swimming in the sea on their smartphones with a link to book a whale-watching trip later in the week.

We have the early beginnings today of what will be amazing interconnected smart tourist cities of the future, and Los Cabos could be next.

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Wednesday 26th of April 2023

First thing they need to work on is recycling for the community. I see so much trash laying around the city. I’m American and have lived here for 17 years. Very disappointed that the city does not pick up recycling when garbage is picked up. We have garbage pick up 3 times a week. But if we recycled we would only need garbage one time a week. Saving them two trips of which one could be a recycle pick up. Rarely do I see a container for recycling and then it probably just gets dumped in the trash.