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La Paz Launches QR Code Technology To Help Keep Tourists Safe

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Driving in a different country can be a challenge due to signs in different languages, different driving customs, and of course, the different driving laws.

La Paz is making it easier for drivers visiting the area to understand the driving laws by using some innovative technology.

Playa Balandra, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. November 11, 2021. Palapas on a remote beach near La Paz.

Scan The Code

To learn about the different laws of driving in Mexico, and especially in La Paz, drivers simply need to take out their phone and scan the code.

A new decal will be placed in rental cars used in the area that features a universal QR code that can be read with smartphone QR code readers. These readers have recently grown in popularity when diners were using them to pull up restaurant menus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scanning the QR code will open a link to an information page in both Spanish and English that has details for drivers about traffic and driving rules enforced in La Paz.

Woman using cell phone in car

The handy guide will also provide tips for staying safe on the road and about accessing driver services while enjoying a stay in La Paz.

Safe Driving Details

The concept for tourists is that scanning the code will introduce drivers from other countries to the rules of the road in La Paz and ways to remain safe while driving.

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Road From Cabo San Lucas To La Paz

While some of the information will be familiar to drivers from the United States, such as wearing a seat belt and avoiding driving distracted, it will also feature some handy tips for driving defensively, avoiding accidents and other incidents as well.

General Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police and Traffic of La Paz head Lieutenant Ruth de la Fuente Velázquez joined with Tourism Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism and Economy of Baja California Sur Director Thalía Agúndez in making the announcement.

Agúndez also mentioned that it will advise tourists about the potential threats and scams in the area and because it is dynamic, it can be easily updated to reflect the current information.

Cars blocking traffic

Some Things Tourists Need to Know

If you are visiting La Paz from the United States, your state driver’s license is acceptable for driving in La Paz.

While not mandatory, it is highly advised that drivers obtain Mexican car insurance for the time they are driving in La Paz. It is possible to be taken to jail for some road accidents in Mexico. Insurance in the United States generally does not cover bodily injuries from traffic accidents while in Mexico.

Drivers are also generally guilty until proven innocent, which is opposite of what drivers are used to in the United States.

Police checkpoint in Mexico

Tourists should also be aware that many drivers outside of the United States, including in Mexico and La Paz, tend to avoid general driving rules and may drive aggressively. It is critical to drive defensively while in Mexico.

More Amenities For Tourists

The safe driving Tourist Road Card is another step in La Paz attracting more tourism to the city through added features and visitor amenities.

While the focus of the Tourist Road Card is international visitors, it will be of benefit to domestic travelers as well.

Swimmers on the beach in La Paz

This is important because it appears that the initial focus of the tourism outreach seems to be more domestic, especially in light of the recent additional flight service announced by the La Paz International Airport.

Regardless of where the driver is from, the innovative new Tourist Road Card will provide access to important information to keep drivers and passengers safe while enjoying their vacation stay in La Paz.

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