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This Museum In La Paz Is The Perfect Rainy Day Attraction For Families

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Tourists visiting La Paz are having a whale of an adventure spending time in a local museum dedicated to the large ocean mammal.

The Whale Museum

Small La Paz

Next time the weather turns gray in La Paz and the seas turn a little rough; tourists should spend some time inside checking out the amazing story of the California Gray Whale located in the Whale Museum.

Kids of all ages, and their parents too, will enjoy ducking out of the rain and spending some time wandering around the unique museum.

A tourist favorite, the Whale Museum is busiest during the whale watching season, which runs typically from January to March. However, this year it was extended into April for the very first time.

The Museum Experience

Family Whale Watching

The Whale Museum is more than just about whales. It does give its fair share to the large ocean creatures, including a large skeleton of an animal showing guests just how large as life the mammals really are.

The museum also discusses other animals from the oceans and seas around La Paz and the entire region of Baja California Sur. It showcases how the animals interact and tells an important story about why the ocean creatures are so important to the environment.

The museum also offers a very entertaining and informative guided tour of the facility, running usually between 45 minutes and an hour. The tour is available in English.

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Whales in Los Cabos

Visitors From All Over The World

The museum is able to host 100 visitors at a time and is usually busy during the prime whale-watching months.

Most of the visitors to the museum during the week are children learning more on school-coordinated field trips. The weekends are mostly filled with families with children.

whale jumping out of water

During the rest of the year, while others are out at the beach or enjoying water sports, the museum is a little quieter, enabling tourists to take their time learning about sea animals.

Travelers from all over the world visit the museum throughout the year. Besides visitors from Mexico and the United States, several countries in Europe are well represented, including Russia, Denmark, Poland and Spain.

They have even welcomed marine biologists from all over the world to the Whale Museum in La Paz, including some from areas that are not even located on the ocean.

Playa Balandra, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. November 11, 2021. Palapas on a remote beach near La Paz.

What’s The Connection To La Paz?

La Paz is the main focus of whale-watching tours in Baja California Sur for visitors from all over the world.

Most of the tours start and end in La Paz, and the waters surrounding the area are plentiful with many different types of sea life, including the California Gray Whale.

sea lion in water

As a whole, most industry in La Paz has traditionally been connected to the Sea of Cortez. Whether that’s the whale watching industry, sportfishing, diving, snorkeling or even commercial fishing, life in La Paz for the locals is synonymous with the ocean.

The Whale Museum is appropriately located in La Paz because of this connection to the whale-watching industry and the traditional connections of the locals with this very special migrating ocean mammal.

Officials with the museum hope in time that they will be able to continue to add exhibits and eventually expand the size of the museum to continue telling the story about the important connection between La Paz and California Gray Whales.

whales coming out of water

Planning a Visit

The Whale Museum in La Paz is conveniently located at Antonio Navarro and Ignacio Altamirano Street, next to the City Theater.

It was formerly located on the boardwalk. However, it has since moved.

It is open to visitors Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $60 pesos (about $3), and children under four are free. No reservations are needed for the general public.

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