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Why Tourists Are Passing On This Popular Los Cabos Activity Right Now

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Merchants in Los Cabos are reporting that the winter holiday travel season has not been so jolly for sales this year, compared to past years.

However, they are optimistic that the shoppers visiting the beach resort destination will be back in the festive spirit before the end of the year.

Less Holiday Shopping Cheer

Travelers buying items on sale in Los Cabos

It seems like travelers to Los Cabos this winter holiday travel season are being a little more conservative with their spending as opposed to prior years. That’s at least when reviewing the retail sales numbers among merchants and vendors in Los Cabos.

Exactly what is the issue is not known. Some believe that the dollar-to-peso conversion rate may be part of the issue.

Others are putting the blame on excess sellers or even inferior merchandise being offered to travelers.

Regardless, the Revolutionary Workers’ Confederation of Baja California Sur’s General Secretary Adrián Mendoza López was optimistic that the negative trend will reverse itself and create a happy holiday season for shoppers and merchants in the area.

Dollar Exchange Rate

Shopping Area Cabo San Lucas Mexico Pacific Ocean.

Some merchants believe that the exchange rate between the dollar and the peso has visitors less in the mood to spend this peak winter travel season.

Tourists visiting Los Cabos looking for really cheap deals are finding fewer this year in part due to the decline in the value of the dollar relative to the peso. Merchants believe this has travelers spending less on their holiday purchases.

After being strong for a number of years, the dollar is actually getting back to its normal level relative to other foreign currencies, including the Mexican peso.

Tourists shopping in Los Cabos

Poor Quality Merchandise

Other merchants feel that some of the merchandise being offered to travelers in Los Cabos has fallen in quality and consumers are not willing to spend money to purchase the inferior products.

Travelers across Mexico have reported issues relative to buying jewelry from merchants while on their vacation. However, those reports have not surfaced in Los Cabos.

Tourists in Los Cabos shopping area

Los Cabos merchants feel that the vendors in the area don’t do this type of unethical activity, especially since their municipal permit to sell products would be a risk if they were caught in this time of sales practices.

Too Many Merchants

Finally, some believe that the sales level is about the same. It is just spread out among a larger group of legal, and illegal, merchants and vendors.

Los Cabos Souvenir Store on a quiet street.

Mendoza López feels that the Los Cabos permitting officials need to enforce the requirement that merchants and vendors have proper permits in place more strictly during the peak winter holiday travel season to ensure that shoppers are protected.

Revolutionary Workers’ Confederation of Baja California Sur believes that proper permitting of merchants and vendors ensure that shopping tourists visiting for a vacation getaway get the best service possible of high-quality merchandise.

Shopping district for travelers to Los Cabos

They also say that travelers to Los Cabos should only shop for items from businesses and salespeople committed to providing them with the best products and service as a properly permitted merchant.

What Travelers Need to Know

For the merchants and vendors in Los Cabos, the peak winter holiday travel season is one of the most important sales seasons of the entire year.

Souvenirs for Sale at a Shop in Los Cabos

Because of this, tourists are encouraged to shop local this year and support the merchants and vendors in Los Cabos when visiting the beach resort destination on their vacation getaway.

However, tourists should definitely insist on the best products at the best price with the best customer service and the merchants in Los Cabos need to step up to meet this level of service demanded by travelers.

What are your perceptions about shopping in Los Cabos during the winter holiday travel season? Be sure to leave your feedback and comments below.

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