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Los Cabos Clamping Down On Beach Vendors Ahead Of Busy Winter Season

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The vendors on the beaches of Los Cabos are, unfortunately, the source of many complaints from travelers trying to enjoy their beach vacation getaway during the peak winter holiday travel season.

In order to improve the tourist experience without eliminating the livelihood of vendors working to support themselves and their families, Los Cabos officials are trying a different strategy to meet each party in the middle at the popular El Medano beach.

Sales Stations on El Medano Beach

El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

Los Cabos officials recently announced that they have contacted a local vendor on El Medano beach who will set up eight fixed sales stations where vendors can come to sell their items.

This flexible storefront arrangement will provide a shopping zone for tourists and hopefully reduce the number of walking vendors selling their products directly to beachgoers on the sand.

Alfredo Güereña González, a representative from the tax inspection department, added that the vendors will be required to have proper licensing and permits in order to operate in the El Medano beach pilot project.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Scene at the beach of Playa Medano in Los Cabos in a beautiful sunny day with a beach vendor

The Los Cabos municipal government has an agreement in place and is ready to start the program to solve the complaints of over-aggressive and pushy vendors harassing tourists on the popular Los Cabos tourist zone beach.

Curfew in Place for Vendor Sales

Local officials have also put in place a curfew for vendors to reduce the amount of noise disturbing visitors staying in the tourist zone around El Medano Beach.

Street Vendor in Los Cabos, Mexico

Vendors will now have to observe the 2 a.m. curfew that is also mandatory for the restaurants, nightclubs, and bars in the area. This will be strictly enforced on all public roads in the area.

Night guards and local law enforcement will be deployed to the area to ensure that all of the businesses comply with the curfew law and provide quiet time for the visitors enjoying their vacation getaway in the popular tourist zone.

Underage Vendor Activity

Young boy selling masks

Additionally, Los Cabos officials called for the reduction of minors participating in vendor sales of flowers, chewing gum, and bracelets in the area around El Medano Beach.

They acknowledged that the children often participate to help support their families. However, local officials plan to eliminate the number of sales by underage vendors that happen on public streets in Los Cabos.

Better Guest Service

Chairs and Vendors on Medano Beach with a view of the water and the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch in the background.

Ultimately, the formalization of the vendor sales process is being tested to enhance the experience that travelers have when visiting the beach resort destination on a vacation getaway.

Los Cabos officials have received many complaints from tourists about the treatment from vendors on the beach while enjoying a day in the sun, surf, and sand. Everything from aggressive sales behavior and harassment to making travelers uncomfortable all had to be addressed.

The new process will allow vendors to have a temporary “store” location to sell their products and instead provide a positive sales experience to tourists coming to buy their items on the beach.

Woman and young girl making items for sale

It will also provide shoppers confidence that the vendors selling their products on the beach are certified to provide their services and items to travelers. It should also reduce the concern of visitors to Los Cabos seeing underage vendors selling products on the public streets near El Medano beach instead of attending school.

Travelers should also appreciate the fact that a curfew has been put in place so that travelers staying in the popular El Medano tourist zone can enjoy some peace and quiet in the evening.

No date was provided for when the new pilot system will start. However, it is anticipated that if it ends up a success, it will be implemented at other tourist beaches around Los Cabos.

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