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Los Cabos Launches Operation To Help Protect Travelers Against Fraud This Winter 

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Scams and fraud are something that we should always be on the lookout for.   

This is the case whether we’re shopping online from the comfort of our own homes or paying for something with a credit card miles away in a sunny vacation destination like Los Cabos.   

In reference to the latter, it’s especially important during the busy winter season because there is typically an uptick in this kind of crime that corresponds to the increase in visitors.   

This is why Los Cabos has launched an operation to help protect travelers against fraud this winter.   

Tourists and Guards in the Marina Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The “Ponte Trucha” Operation 

The operation that officials are launching is called “Ponte Trucha,” which translates to “be aware,” or “stay alert.”   

This is exactly what officials are recommending that tourists do while visiting Los Cabos this winter season, as fraud is much more common during this time of year.   

As part of the operation, officials are making specific recommendations for tourists who will be performing certain activities while visiting.   

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What To Watch Out For When Shopping 

One of the most common situations to get scammed in is while shopping, particularly when you’re using a credit or debit card.   

One of the biggest issues is card cloning, which is fairly simple for criminals to do these days.   

Typically, they’ll install a card skimming device on card readers in stores or other establishments and have the credit card information recorded, which they’ll then use to make duplicate/or fraudulent cards.   

It’s important to pay attention to the card readers you use to try to spot anything unusual about the machine.   


Be safe 🏃‍♂️

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Being Aware When Using ATMs 

There are a couple of different scams to be aware of when using ATMs.   

Specifically, you’ll want to watch out for two things.   

The first is the card skimmer scam that is used to steal your card information, which can also be installed on automatic teller machines or ATMs.   

The second is the friendly helpful local scam, which involves someone offering to help you at the ATM and then either switching out your card for a different one or getting your information from a camera they installed.   

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Protecting Yourself From Theft 

Theft is always something to watch out for too, especially during the busy season because more criminals are on the prowl.   

Pickpocketing and personal theft are two of the more common crimes in vacation destinations because criminals know there are plenty of unsuspecting targets.   

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, you should keep your valuables in a safe place and avoid being too flashy.   

Tourists Walking In the Marina Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Online Scams To Be Aware Of 

Online scams increase during the winter too, not just in Los Cabos but in general.   

Make sure if you’ll be shopping online for hotels, excursions, transportation, or anything else related to your Los Cabos vacation that you’re protecting your information.   

Only purchase from secure, trusted sites, and be sure to have proper security on any device that you’ll be using to enter credit card information.   

Traveler Booking a Room In a Tropical Destination

Knowing When Something Is Too Good To Be True 

Some deals are good deals, and others are simply too good to be true.   

When it comes to the latter, there is usually some sort of scam involved to get you to part with your money for either something that isn’t worth it or something that doesn’t even exist at all.   

When visiting Los Cabos, this can be the case for anything from tours to taxi rides, so think twice before forking over money for anything that isn’t purchased in a brick-and-mortar establishment.   

Luxury House in Cabo

What Los Cabos Is Doing To Keep Tourists Safe 

In addition to warning tourists of the dangers of fraud, officials in Los Cabos are on the lookout for fraudsters too.   

Mainly they’ll be monitoring businesses for potential scams.   

It’s important to be aware yourself too, though, because the last thing you want to deal with is being scammed while on vacation.

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