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Why This Trendy Hotspot Near Los Cabos Is The Perfect Place To Escape To This Summer

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Some people head to Los Cabos and potentially even stay in San Jose del Cabo but refer to their journey as a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Ultimately this innocent lack of understanding of the Cabo region can make it hard to find your way around Cabo, at least upon arrival.

It’s not much of an issue, but a better understanding of the Los Cabos region and beyond can ensure that you don’t miss out on some incredible sights!

Coast Near The Cabo Pulmo National Park

For instance, knowing more about the area would shed light on the incredible area known as La Ribiera or Costa Palmas which is north of the Cabo Pulmo national park.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why many tourists are not aware of this particular area is because of the multiple names that it goes by.

The reason for the confusion is that the nearest town is called La Ribiera. The most popular resort in the area, though, is known as the Four Seasons at Costa Palmas.

Without a doubt, this resort is one of the reasons this region is worthy of a summer getaway. 

Four Seasons Hotel Los Cabos

High-End Resorts Call The Area Home & More Are On The Way

As previously stated, the Four Seasons at Costa Palmas is the most well-known high-end resort in the area.

There’s an 18-hole golf course known as the Costa Palmas golf club that is essentially the resort’s course.

Apart from the golf and the main hotel, there are also private villas that can provide a more secluded experience for guests of the resort. 

The Chiki nightclub, touted as one of the most luxurious and exclusive in the Cabo region, is also part of the Costa Palmas campus.

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The Aman hotel chain is currently building its own property in the area. It’s going to be known as the Amanvari Resort & Residences.

On top of that, there’s currently a marina being built in the area.

The idea is to one day rival the Cabo San Lucas marina. It may not be long before this area, also known as Cabo del Este, becomes one of the most exclusive within the state of Baja California Sur.  

Aerial View of Cabo San Lucas Marina

Currently, there are not as many resorts in the area.

This makes a trip to this part of Baja California Sur typically more relaxing. You get a chance to enjoy all sorts of amenities without the large crowds that are becoming a constant in many of the popular spots within the main Cabo area.

This sense of exclusivity doesn’t have to come at a high cost, either. Travelers who want to come to this part of the region but maybe don’t want to stay at the high-end hotels can also book a room in one of the bungalows on the campgrounds near Cabo Pulmo. 

beach at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Cabo San Lucas Baja Mexico

Cabo Pulmo Draws People Into This Part of Baja California Sur 

Another one of the main attractions that can make this part of Baja California Sur a perfect escape for the summer is, without a doubt, the Cabo Pulmo national park.

It’s considered one of the best diving spots in the world. The marine life in the area can vary dramatically depending on the time of year that you arrive.

For the summer, you can expect colorful fish galore that light up the water around you during a dive. 

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

During the heavy months of the whale watching season, this is an area that’s known to get some unique visitors.

These can range from different varieties of sharks to even orca whales.

There are diving experiences in the area that are suitable for tourists with different levels of diving experience.

Apart from the diving there are a few small restaurants that have been established around the Cabo Pulmo. 

Without a doubt, these are spots without the glamor of the resorts at Costa Palmas. This type of trip, though, to a small town that’s centered around the diving experiences can also be an interesting escape for many travelers this summer.

From Cabo Pulmo national park, you’re about an hour and a half away from San Jose del Cabo, and you could certainly visit both spots in one vacation.

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