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This Park Near Los Cabos Is This Summer’s Hottest Nature Escape

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Los Cabos is never done delighting the huge number of visitors that choose this destination each year, with visitor numbers growing at a crazy rate and showing no signs of slowing.

There are many reasons travelers choose Los Cabos, from the intense nightlife to the luxury-first resorts on offer.

But, one of Los Cabos’ greatest attractions is a gift from nature, in the form of the Cabo Pulmo nature reserve, a true gem located approximately two hours away from Los Cabos.

This Park Near Los Cabos Is This Summer’s Hottest Nature Escape

What Is Cabo Pulmo?

This reserve is a true marvel of conservation and one of the most impressive natural wonders in North America.

This protected national marine park, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is home to the only hard coral reef in the Gulf of California and is estimated to be an amazing 20,000 years old.

With over 800 species of marine life, Cabo Pulmo has earned the nickname “The Aquarium of the World.”

It is a fantastic example of the power of preservation and eco-tourism. Visitors seeking a quieter, more natural side of Los Cabos can experience the best Mexico has to offer at this underwater paradise.

Why It’s Important

Cabo Pulmo is home to one of the largest and most diverse coral reefs in North America, acting as a safe haven for a huge range of marine life in the Sea of Cortez.

Five of the world’s seven most endangered species of sea turtles call here home, along with a mammoth variety of sharks, including:

  • Bull sharks
  • Tiger sharks
  • Hammerhead sharks
  • Black-tip and white-tip sharks.

The park’s remote and unspoiled location makes it the perfect “off the beaten path” experience for those looking to explore the beauty of nature.

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A Sky To Behold

All accommodations and amenities in Cabo Pulmo are under strict light pollution controls, meaning this is one of the greatest spots in all of Mexico to enjoy the night sky.

For those from cities and large urban areas, this is a truly wonderous experience, the realization of just how many stars live above us always brings feelings of humility.

What To Do At Cabo Pulmo

The choice of activities here is extremely varied, and in true Los Cabos fashion, there is something for everyone, no matter how adventurous or cautious they may be.


This is the most accessible way for travelers to experience the beautiful underwater world on Cabo Pulmo.

There are multiple excursions available with varying degrees of competence required, meaning even those completely new to snorkeling can enjoy the colorful coral reefs and majestic wildlife.

Eco-Conscious Diving

Activities here are strictly governed to ensure they have little to no impact on the nature they expose visitors to.

The diving tours here are all led by highly qualified and experienced instructors who take travelers to a hidden world of wonder beneath the waves.

Los Cabos is full of reputable dive schools, so travelers not yet trained can easily access this unbelievable activity if they plan ahead.

Sea Kayaking

This is the most low-impact way of experiencing Cabo Pulmo and also the most accessible to travelers.

These guided excursions along the coastline provide some of the best views in Los Cabos, and the often-calm water of the Sea of Cortez means this is a super safe activity for the whole family.

Don’t Miss Out

Los Cabos has developed into one of the world’s best tourism destinations, providing everything needed for an awesome vacation on the doorstep of most resorts.

And while the beaches, nightlife, restaurants, and cultural attractions in Los Cabos are absolutely fantastic. Travelers can experience something in Cabo Pulmo that no number of cocktails and tacos can match.

This chance to get in touch with nature can be as powerful to relieving stress and worry as the best wellness retreats in Los Cabos.

Visitors Have A Role To Play

Visitors are encouraged to treat this haven of nature like they would any national park in their homeland.

The willingness to make a solid effort to care for the surroundings while experiencing and exploring Cabo Pulmo in all the eco-friendly ways available is all that is asked of those who visit.

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