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Why Los Cabos Is The Perfect Place For Eco-Conscious Travelers

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Los Cabos is a destination that’s continuing to evolve in order to provide travelers with the experiences that they seem to crave.

Proof of that is the increasing number of luxury resorts that offer all-inclusive packages. Even hotel brands that would never think about offering an all-inclusive deal do so in their Los Cabos property. 

travelers with a dog walking on a hiking trail

Another way that Los Cabos as a whole is evolving is in an effort to try and provide eco-conscious experiences for travelers that come to the region.

Truth be told, many of these eco-friendly experiences don’t lack the high-end service and exclusivity that has become synonymous with Cabo.

In a sense, travelers can expect to get the best of both worlds throughout their vacation. 

Zorra Canyon Los Cabos

Eco-Friendly Restaurants In Cabo 

There are a couple of eco-friendly restaurants that are an experience all on their own, even apart from the food itself.

Flora Farms is arguably the most well-known of these spots because it doubles down as a wedding venue. Even if you’re not headed to Cabo for a wedding though, you can head out to the restaurant.

What makes it eco-friendly is the fact that all or at least most of the items on the menu are cooked with the produce that’s grown directly on the farm. 

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Table with wine glasses overlooking a large plain

Acre is another similar spot where diners are going to be served food that was grown on the estate. Acre is actually located on 25 acres of land that includes lavish tree houses, and all sorts of colorful vegetation.

It’s a wonder that you can actually find such a spot in the desert climate that is typical of Los Cabos. Even if eating local fresh produce isn’t necessarily relevant to you, visiting any of these spots can be a change of pace from the typical Cabo beach vacation.  

Guided Tours To Off-Path Cabo Gems

Many tour companies in Los Cabos are going to offer ATV rides across the Cabo desert. That can’t necessarily be considered an eco-friendly activity.

Particularly when these vehicles leave marks on Cabo beaches and potentially pose a threat to sea turtles and other wildlife in the area.

There are unique tours through the Boca de la Sierra National Park. There’s a zip line course in that area that allows you to hover over the trees and overlook the entire park. 

Perhaps a more eco-conscious tour is the one that you can take of Sierra de la Laguna. This tour includes a hike across this rocky area.

As part of the tour, travelers are able to learn about the ancestral practices of the Pericu natives of the region.

Other tours that are certainly eco-conscious include the diving experiences offered at Cabo Pulmo

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

Cabo Pulmo is one of the premier diving spots in the entire world. Although people are allowed to dive in what’s been called the aquarium of the world, there are strict regulations that tour companies must follow to be able to operate in the area.

There are restrictions on the number of boats that can be in a specific part of the park at any given time. In short, the authorities do make an effort to preserve the rich wildlife of the area.  

Bull shark swimming in cabo pulmo

Are Resorts In Cabo Also Environmentally Friendly?

There are resorts in Los Cabos that make an effort to be more environmentally friendly. For example, the Solaz, A Luxury Collection Resort, set up its own water treatment plant.

They are converting salt water into fresh water for use in their facilities. This is actually great news for travelers as the lack of fresh water is one of the main issues plaguing Los Cabos in general.

There are also resorts like the Waldorf Astoria that have solar panels powering a part of the hotel. It also features a rainwater collection system to help reduce its water consumption. 

Water Treatment Plant

More Cabo-based resorts certainly make an effort to be a bit more eco-friendly. For travelers that want a truly eco-conscious Cabo vacation, it may be a good idea to stay at the campgrounds on Fox Canyon.

It’s an area that offers hiking trails and other environmentally oriented activities. At the same time, you’re staying away from the main city.

This can be the best option if you want to go all-in on an eco-friendly Cabo vacation while connecting with nature.

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