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These New Rentals Are The Perfect Way To Explore Los Cabos And Beyond For Travelers Who Want To Go Off Path

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There’s no question that Los Cabos is widely known as a luxury travel destination. Perhaps in spite of this, there are now emerging opportunities to explore not only Cabo but the entire state of Baja California Sur without needing to tie yourself down to a particular resort.

Vanbaja is a relatively new company that literally rents out campervans and jeeps for travelers to explore Baja California Sur. 

Camper van on the beach

What makes this option unique is that the rental doesn’t just include the vehicle that you’re going to be using to drive across the state.

The rental price also includes different amenities that both the vans and the jeeps come equipped with. All of this is meant to allow travelers to basically drive off the lot with the rented vehicle and live within that vehicle throughout their trip. 

kitchen items with a view of the outdoors

What’s Going To Be Included In Your Van Rental

For travelers who are looking to go on a road trip through Baja California Sur starting from Los Cabos, and don’t want to pay for a hotel at every step, the large vans are the best option.

The vans include a memory foam double bed that sleeps to people, with blackout insulated windows. Making it a reasonably comfortable place to sleep.

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It’s a good idea to still plan your trip around RV parks. There are plenty of fully functional RV parks near the Cabo Pulmo area and also on the opposite side of the peninsula near Playa Cerritos and Todos Santos beach.

Most of the popular beaches near La Paz also feature campgrounds with access for these vans. 

RV Park By The Sea

The van does include an outdoor shower with a 100-liter tank. That’s a good asset to have if you want to stop in places that don’t necessarily have great facilities to shower in.

Speaking of the facilities apart from the bed, what makes the van perhaps a much better option than the jeep is the fridge/freezer that’s mounted inside the van.

Along with the stove with two cookers. You can rather comfortably live out of this van for the duration of your stay if you wish to do so.

Renting A Jeep From This Company To “Camp” On Local Beaches

Apart from the fact that Cabo is filled with luxury resorts that lure in most of the travelers, another reason why it may not be thought of as a destination for camping are the local laws.

There are laws against camping within Cabo beaches. In some spots, it’s outright prohibited to set up camp on the sand.

Renting a jeep from Vanbaja may be a way to get around some of these laws. The jeep includes a rooftop tent that’s meant to serve as a sleeping area. 

jeep with tent

Travelers can park near the beaches and stay in the vehicle. Of course, rules and regulations are going to vary depending on the specific beach within Baja that you happen to be visiting.

This rooftop tent is one of the best ways to enjoy a star-filled night near or on a beach within Baja California Sur. 

group of friends camping on the beach

Why Cabo Has To Still Be Your Base of Operations

Currently, the company only gives travelers the chance to both pick up their vehicles and return them to their base of operations.

Vanbaja headquarters are located on the Transpeninsular road in San Jose del Cabo. The price for the van includes 100 free miles per day of traveling.

If you exceed the number of miles, there’s an extra fee of 0.40 USD per mile. With this in mind, travelers can certainly plan their trip to ensure that they don’t go over the mile limit.

Also, as previously stated, it has to be a round-trip route. Right now, there’s a minimum of 3 days that you need to rent the van or jeep. 

Road That Leads To San Jose del Cabo

Another important thing that you’ll want to take into account if you’re considering this option is that these vans are not 4×4 vehicles.

In fact, the company says their insurance doesn’t cover off-roading. That’s why they recommend crafting a route with their specific guidelines in mind.

Even though you have to navigate through some of these restrictions, this experience can certainly make for a unique vacation. Especially considering the amazing spots that you could visit near Los Cabos.

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