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Why This Destination Near Los Cabos Is Trending With Tourists This Winter

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As Los Cabos continues to explode in popularity, leading to price increases and a destination busier than ever, many travelers are considering lesser-known destinations nearby.

That isn’t accompanied by a change in traveler’s checklists; the need for a safe destination, beautiful beaches, awesome eating spots, and luxurious resort options all remain intact, a list that some may think doesn’t get filled by anywhere other than Los Cabos in Baja California Sur.

Crystal clear water of balandra beach in la paz

Thankfully, there is a destination close to Los Cabos that meets all these needs and more: La Paz.

The state capital and a historically important city in Mexico’s history, La Paz has been quietly striving to transform its offerings and to become a genuine rival for travelers’ customs in this corner of the nation.

A mission that is beginning to pay off, with the city now trending strongly among travelers and putting its best foot forward as not just a hidden gem but a hidden diamond in Mexico’s offering to travelers.

A Safe Alternative

Los Cabos has been building back a safe image with huge changes in policing tactics, equipment, and training. And while the destination has had great success in this goal, the city of La Paz, two hours to the north, has outpaced Los Cabos in this respect.

La Paz already had a good reputation as a secure place to visit, but 2023 has seen the city’s already small crime rates tumble dramatically. In September, a huge 50% reduction in reported crime was recorded, a statistic unheard of in not just Mexico, but the world.

A big factor in La Paz’ safe environment comes from the absence of a big party culture. It’s no secret that busy nightclubs playing dance music attract the sale of narcotics, which is the biggest contributor to crime rates across the world’s tourist cities.

Additionally, petty crime is less of an issue in La Paz, the smaller tourism footprint means that opportunistic crimes like pickpocketing and street-muggings are also much less common, although travelers should always be vigilant for both of these in any destination.

Culturally Rich

Los Cabos is a rich city, in the economic sense. But the destination grew up around tourism over the past 60-70 years, making it relatively young, this also means that it can lack some of the old-world charm present across Mexico.

In contrast, La Paz is culturally rich, with people living there for an estimated 11,000 years, and has historically been an important city for Mexico despite its small size.

The name La Paz, which means “Peace” in English, was a place of confrontation, with the natives and Spanish explorers fighting deadly skirmishes against each other in the bay before the city was founded.

It was this history of friction that is thought to have given the city its name, with its founding coming with the hope that its future wouldn’t share a fate with its early history.

The beginning of that history goes back to 1533 and has given La Paz nearly 500 years of the shared wins, losses, and cultural traditions of Mexican history that have brought us to the richness that this stunning country now has.

More Relaxed, But Far From Boring

A big draw for travelers who choose La Paz for their vacation is its more laid-back vibe. The pace of life is slower here than in Los Cabos, and the tourism offering reflects that.

There are nightlife options for travelers, although these are much more relaxed than its southern neighbor of Los Cabos, with more emphasis on traditional Mexican cantinas and places that offer dancing. Overall, travelers don’t choose La Paz for its party scene.

Adding to the relaxed vibe most of all is the locals, La Paz natives are famed for their welcoming and friendly attitudes, and mixed with the much smaller traveler crowd, and less tourism-centric landscape, the atmosphere is naturally serene.

As La Paz grows, its future could look more like Los Cabos, with higher tourism numbers businesses hoping to capture the Los Cabos spirit that draws in millions each year will no doubt pop up, but for the immediate future, La Paz remains the top choice for travelers who want to experience authentic Mexico and a truly tranquil vibe.

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Saturday 23rd of December 2023

Safe? Not so, as police stopped us for alleged speeding but really to blackmail us to get bribe. Requested $100US but accepted 3000 pesos. They claimed no knowledge of English language. This left us with a bitter taste after having great time at Balandra and a meal at local restourant.