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Los Cabos Officials Urge Taxi Drivers To Provide Better Service For Passengers 

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Many of the millions of tourists who fly into Los Cabos take a taxi from the airport to their hotel and back, and sometimes around Los Cabos too.   

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because taxis are convenient and generally pretty safe.   

What you may not know if you’ve never been to Los Cabos, though, is that taxi drivers don’t have the greatest reputation in the popular vacation destination.   

The good news is, that could all be about to change now because Los Cabos officials are urging taxi drivers to provide better service for passengers.   

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Officials Approve More Taxi Drivers In Los Cabos 

Recently, Los Cabos approved nearly 200 new concessions for taxi drivers, meaning there are many more out on the streets to serve tourists now.   

As officials did so, they urged them “to always provide a quality service to users.”   

Additionally, they asked that all taxi drivers work together for this purpose.   

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Los Cabos Taxi Services 

The taxi situation in Los Cabos is interesting, to say the least because it’s not a highly regulated institution.   

Taxi vehicles can pretty much be anything; taxi meters are not used, and there are no set fares.   

It’s these factors that mostly contribute to the complaints by passengers regarding service.   

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Common Issues Passengers Have With Taxis In Los Cabos  

The biggest complaint made by tourists taking taxis in Los Cabos is being overcharged.   

Another complaint is that some taxi drivers will tell customers one price and then change it upon arrival.   

Taxi drivers can also be very aggressive, particularly at the airport, when it comes to trying to pick up passengers.   

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How Safe Are Los Cabos Taxis? 

Taxis may not have the best reputation regarding customer service, but they are, for the most part, perfectly safe. Last year, Los Cabos taxis were rated the safest in Mexico.  

That’s not to say there aren’t a few bad apples, but that’s the case anywhere you go.   

Hundreds of thousands of travelers take taxis every year in Los Cabos, and most of them without any issues.   

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A Warning About Pirate Taxis 

One thing that you need to watch out for in Los Cabos is “pirate” taxis.   

Pirate taxis are driven by individuals who, for whatever reason, do not have approved taxi concessions or licenses.   

Sometimes, these are just locals trying to make a buck, but in rare cases, they may have worse intentions, so do your best to avoid them if you’ll be taking a taxi while visiting Los Cabos.   

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Tips For Taking A Taxi In Los Cabos 

If you will be taking a taxi in Los Cabos there are a few things you can do to improve the experience and protect yourself.   

The last thing you want is for your vacation to start off on the wrong foot.   

You can follow these tips to help prevent that from happening. 

  • Always look for an official license or badge, or municipal stamp on the vehicle.   
  • Verify the exact rate with the driver before getting into the taxi. 
  • Instead of hailing taxis on the street, hire one from a taxi rank, or “sitio.”  
  • Be sure to keep change on you so that you can pay your fare as close to the dollar as possible, plus tip of course.   
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Los Cabos Taxi Alternatives  

Taxis are a pretty safe and convenient way to get around Los Cabos, but they’re expensive.   

A ride from the airport to Cabo San Lucas can cost as much as $80.   

For that price, you’re better off getting private transportation, which can be booked in advance and is more comfortable.   

If you’re looking for something a little more inexpensive, you can take a bus or airport shuttle or inquire at your resort to see if they offer free or discounted transfers.

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