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4 Reasons To Visit This Stunning Unknown Region Near La Paz

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There has been a lot of news lately affecting Los Cabos’ tourists. Between hurricanes, high-priced resorts and beach closures, some Cabo tourists might be second-guessing their Cabo trip.

Unfortunately, the weather just comes with the territory for the season, and beach closures are a natural byproduct of that.

Cabo is also a luxury destination where it has become more challenging to avoid splurging. So where does that leave you?

el mogote peninsula near la paz

If you’re the type to leave the resort and venture out to see the sights, then this unknown region within close reach to Cabo may be just for you.

Day trips out of Cabo have become more popular, especially when beaches are affected. There is the gorgeous town of Todos Santos a short drive away, and the scenic coastal city of La Paz just 2 hours north.

Hidden gems are becoming harder and harder to find, but El Mogote is worth the journey.

Here are 4 reasons why you should visit this stunning unknown region near La Paz:

Tranquil Unspoiled Beaches

view of el mogote from la paz

Many Cabo tourists are already aware of the magic of La Paz but may not know what lies just north of the cityscape.

What was formerly a deserted peninsula is now a fun escape for a variety of reasons, but let’s focus on the relaxing aspect.

Cabo can get crowded whether it’s the beach, the resort pool or the trendy bars downtown. Those seeking extra elbow room for a quiet escape should put El Mogote on the top of their Cabo wishlist.

Perfect for a daytime escape, this idyllic stretch of coastline remains unspoiled for miles even after recent urban developments.

aerial view of ocean and land

One side looks over La Paz’s petite skyline, while the northern side overlooks the vast sea. This unknown spot is so unknown in fact, it’s hard to find a Tiktok in English.

Locals know about it yet tourists just simply haven’t discovered its magic yet. It’s time to take advantage and enjoy one of the few spots left in this world to experience pure peace at the beach.

The Dunes

If tourists have heard of El Mogote, chances are they live life on the wild side. Sandboarding is the number one activity here, and it looks like a blast!

sand dunes in el mogote

The beautiful sand dunes look more reminiscent of what one would find in the Middle East rather than Baja, minus the fact it’s set along some of Mexico’s finest coastline.

You don’t have to be an expert to take the dunes head-on. In the same way, you don’t have to be a seasoned surfer to enjoy being in the water.

It’s just as much fun to tackle the small inclines instead of mastering the long stretches of sand right away. Baby steps, people!

But hey, at least it’s soft sand if it doesn’t go as you pictured in your mind.

man sand boarding

Stay In Luxury

Located on this stunning peninsula is the Paraiso Del Mar Resort. At this luxurious getaway, you may forget about Cabo entirely.

This large property stands out among the rest because it’s welcoming to everyone. Tourists won’t have to dish out extra fees staying here because they rent the villas and condos directly from the owners.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, all comfortable and unique in their own way. But one thing is for sure, you won’t regret coming for a relaxing stay.

travelers relaxing on vacation

A Golfer’s Paradise

Cabo may be known for luxury, nightlife and top-notch beaches, but it’s also a popular destination for golfers.

Those seeking a change of pace and scenery will fall in love with the world-class golf course in El Mogote.

The Paraiso del Mar Golf Club doesn’t require you to stay at the resort or own a vacation home to gain access to this beautiful course.

female golfer by the beach

It’s actually an easy ferry ride away from La Paz. Those who can’t wait to hit the links can reserve a tee time online before arrival for a great day outdoors in some of Baja’s finest scenery.

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