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Why Los Cabos Tourists Are Avoiding This Beach During Their Trips

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Most of the people heading to Los Cabos do so to spend time on its breathtaking beaches.

From El Médano to Santa Maria and El Chileno Beach, tourists here are spoiled for choices. 

The Neptune's Finger rock formation near Lover's Beach at the Land's End El Arco coastal region at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

But there are some areas that visitors are now avoiding at all costs. One of these is the Playa Ocho Cascadas.

But why is it so?

Here is why Los Cabos tourists are now avoiding this beach during their trip:

No man’s land

Located in the bay of Cabo San Lucas, more specifically in the Sanluqueña Bay, the so-called Playa Ocho Cascadas has been invaded by individuals who have restricted its access to people. 

Two local media platforms, CPS Noticias and Tribuna de México, have recently decided to carry out an investigation to check the current situation in this area. 

Garbage on a random beach

They placed hidden cameras to document the condition of Playa Ocho Cascadas and found plenty of trash, oil, and gasoline spills on its shore. 

This is extremely problematic as, especially during the rainy season, garbage can be diverted towards the sea, causing even more pollution and making it more difficult for those responsible to properly dispose of the trash and prevent it from spreading in the ocean. 

According to these local news platforms, this area is now fenced and has ‘private property’ signs at its entrance. This is in clear contrast with the law established with the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. 

Trash on a beach

It is still unclear whether the local government will soon take action to fix the current situation and clean the beach from the current trash there. 

Luckily, for now, this seems to be an isolated case in the Los Cabos municipality. This means that tourists will still have plenty of choices when choosing where to spend their days once they arrive in Los Cabos. 

So what are some of the best plays in the area? 

Los Cabos’ best beaches

Boats in the marina of Los Cabos

With a total of 25 blue-flag-certified beaches, Los Cabos is one of the best places in the North American continent for those wanting to spend their days sunbathing or swimming in the Pacific Ocean. 

One of the most popular beaches in the municipality is Lover’s Beach. Located between two massive granite formations, this playa is extremely safe, meaning that people of all fitness levels can easily swim here without worrying about their safety

Lover’s Beach can only be accessible through water taxis, making this area even more charming. You can catch one in El Médano beach or opt for a more adventurous journey, renting a kayak or paddleboard to head to this place.

Tourists kayaking in the ocean

If you decide to take a water taxi in El Médano Beach, you cannot miss the chance to also spend some time in this renowned playa. Whether you want to jet-ski, kayak, or play beach volleyball, this is the place for you. 

With plenty of restaurants and bars located on its shore, this is also the ideal place for those who want to relax, sunbathing while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. 

El Médano Beach also has stunning views over some of Los Cabos’ most popular sites, El Arco and Land’s End. These are two famous rock formations visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. 

Playa El Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Lastly, Santa Maria Beach can be a great option for those wanting to spend their day at the beach. Located in the famous Tourist Corridor, this playa is also situated between two large granite rocks which block the strong currents typical of this area. 

This means that, similarly to El Médano Beach and Lover’s Beach, Santa Maria Beach is extremely safe for those with basic swimming skills. 

This is the place to be for everyone interested in snorkeling, as its shallow waters feature the perfect conditions to see some of the many marine animals inhabiting this area. 

Santa Maria beach on a sunny day with clear sea and boat in the background

The best moment to get a glimpse of the underwater world inhabiting this beach is in the morning when visibility is at its best. 

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Scott Veillette

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

If people are littering they should be fined.put cameras up and who ever you catch littering fine them.