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These Are The Top Complaints Los Cabos Tourists Have Right Now According To Survey

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For a tourist destination like Los Cabos, constant feedback on the guest experience is critical to the success of the community in delivering the service preferred by travelers enjoying their vacation getaway to the beach resort destination.

The key way that visitors share their important perception of the area is through the exit survey they complete before leaving Los Cabos.

The latest survey results are out with some interesting comments about what travelers dislike most about a vacation getaway in Los Cabos.

Sandy beach with rocks on the ocean with Punta Arena rocks in Los Cabos.

Two Big Concerns

The latest results of the exit survey have caused significant concern from the President of the Board of Directors of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, Mauricio Salicrup.

“We are seeing in the ratings of the exit polls that the image [of Los Cabos] is on a slide, falling very quickly,” Salicrup said in a news report about the results.

American Travelers Enjoying A Sunny Beach

The latest results show that travelers are dissatisfied with the overall cleanliness and urban image of Los Cabos.

While that sounds negative, Salicrup mentioned that he did not expect the results to impact tourism arrivals for the upcoming spring holiday peak travel season.

Issues With Cleanliness

Trash on a beach

Salicrup said that he believed currency values and elections around the world would impact international travel to Los Cabos more than the issue with cleanliness.

“The issue of cleanliness is already an issue, said Salicrup in a news report about the results. “Both national and international [travelers] are leaving comments that the city is very dirty. That is a reality, it is in the survey. We have to work with it, but the lack of tourists in [Los Cabos] is not motivated by that.”

The hotel owners are still concerned about the guest perception with a busy international holiday in Los Cabos.

pool at los cabos resort

Tourist Services Seeing Less Business

Granted, we are in between two busy holiday travel periods in Los Cabos and this interval does not project what the future of the year in tourism holds.

However, many tourist services in Los Cabos are reporting that they are seeing fewer visitors in the beach resort destination over the same period last year.

Senor Frogs in cabo with people enjoying the bar

Bars and nightclubs in Los Cabos are reporting that their sales are down 20 to 30 percent this year over last year.

However, that could also be because of the shift in travel segments targeted by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust. Instead of the party-seeking college students, more luxury travelers are heading to the area. They would be less likely to spend time in bars and nightclubs.

Salicrup added in a news report that there are also some larger issues affecting international travel to Los Cabos this year.

Cabo Wabo bar in Los Cabos

“We had a January with a very sharp decrease in passengers compared to the arrival of January last year and this is due to what is happening internationally that is directly affecting our destination,” he said.

What Tourists Need to Know

It’s way too early to determine a tourism trend for the year. But many tourism providers may be more willing to create some deals for travelers when the perception is that the number of visitors is down.

Travelers exiting an airplane in Los Cabos

Coming off some of the highest room rates in the history of Los Cabos last year, it may be the time for more budget-oriented travelers to enjoy the luxury accommodations and amenities of the beach resort destination at a much cheaper price.

Who knows how long this budget opportunity for a vacation getaway to Los Cabos will last? Travelers may want to plan ahead and make their reservations now for travel later in the year before the rates potentially go up again.

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Monday 5th of February 2024

The whole area between La Paz and Cabo are littered with garbage, nobody seems to care at all. I was in an area where the fishermen bring in their catch to clean, they were drinking beer and just threw away their bottles and cans to the side the area was littered with cans, bottles and garbage, the sea and beaches are their livelihood. I could not understand why they would do that. In another area someone had discarded rubbish in a bag along with cans and beer bottles. There was a guard at a gate, who had an empty Garbage Can beside him, he just closed the gate and left all the rubbish for the seagulls to pick at. Litter is discarded everywhere along the streets and beaches, nobody seems to worry that it is not only a health hazard but they ruining a beautiful part of the country. Education is needed on what to do with garbage or have regular pick up of the rubish.

LOUIS Salatich

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Eventually over building in a ecologically fragile environment will take it's toll. All the resort building requires more workers and where those workers live there are no services like trash pick up or sanitation infrastructure in place. So all that garbage and human waste goes into the local beaches. With all the resorts being "all inclusive" the local economy is being destroyed.