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New Study Names Los Cabos Among Top 5 Safest Spring Break Destinations

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With spring teasing us as the last winter month kicks off, one study has already revealed Los Cabos among the top 5 safest Spring Break destinations this year.

In good company with other awesome places, Los Cabos is about as classic as it gets for a sunny break to start the spring season off right.

New Study Names Los Cabos Among Top 5 Safest Spring Break Destinations

Of course, safety is always a concern anywhere you bring your passport because you just never know what to believe about crime away from home.

The good news is Los Cabos just so happens to be one of the safest beach destinations in Mexico. Even as chaos ensues during Spring Break shenanigans, Los Cabos still remains among the safest beach escapes.

A Well-deserved Break

Life is hard, and we all deserve a break. Come springtime, Cabo is known for endless beach parties and long nights of bar-hopping.

You may not remember, but let’s not forget Spring Break isn’t just for the college crowd.

los cabos tourists in swimming pool

While you can expect fist-pumping, muscle-flexing madness scattered throughout this vacation hotspot, Cabo caters to everyone year-round.

There are more secluded stays to avoid the chaos, along with family-friendly resorts to keep the young Spring Breakers happy too.

Los Cabos has been a sunny haven for those escaping the winter cold, but the spring season maybe even more fun for all.

Safety In Numbers

police outside los cabos resort

For whatever reason, Mexico still holds a reputation of being an iffy vacation destination. Mainstream news tends to paint a negative picture of the country as a whole, even though a majority of tourists are unscathed.

Sure, there are definite no-go zones in the country for travelers, but Los Cabos definitely isn’t one of them.

Two recent surveys prove it. The first being among tourists who have visited in recent months where 87% of tourists felt completely secure.

cabo police officer on beach

The next survey is even more interesting because we all know people love to complain any chance they get!

Recent visitors were questioned about their perception of Los Cabos. Turns out the issue of safety is not a major concern.

In fact, given that Los Cabos is such a luxurious destination, vacationers expect spotless beaches, resorts, restaurants, and even roadways.

Cleanliness and overall urban image topped the list of tourists’ main concerns, not anything related to crime.

The Latest Spring Break Study

spring break tourists in los cabos pool

The folks at conducted a study to determine not only the best Spring Break destinations for 2024 but the safest.

Spoiler alert – Cabo made the cut for both!

Through a mix of scanning crime data, reviewing Numbeo, and some intense Googling, they narrowed down the 19 best destinations to just 5.

At this point, everyone surely knows why Cabo is awesome for Spring Break, so let’s focus on why it’s safe.

los cabos spring break tourists toasting glasses

According to their research, Cabo San Lucas is one of the safest Spring Break getaways on Earth during the daytime.

Beachgoers should have no worries at all spending countless hours at Cabo’s incredible beaches or roaming about downtown.

When the sun goes down, Cabo is still widely considered to be safe. According to this study, it’s the fourth safest destination at nighttime.

This is no surprise given how Cabo is catered to guest satisfaction to keep them coming back for more and to maintain the phenomenal reputation this resort hotspot holds.

dj at spring break beach party

Additionally, Cabo has invested heavily in keeping tourists safe by attempting to reduce road accidents along popular roadways, installing more security cameras, and increasing security presence.

Rarely do tourists find themselves feeling unsafe.

Where Cabo Ranks Overall In Terms Of Safety

Cabo is not the only Mexican beach getaway to be deemed among the safest in the world. While you decide where you’d like to jet off for Spring Break, you really can’t go wrong on this list.

However, Cabo is undoubtedly the most luxurious and holds a higher safety rating from the U.S. State Department compared to its Mexican counterpart.

tourists jumping in waves

The top 5 safest Spring Break destinations:

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Key West, Florida
  • San Diego, California
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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