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Why Los Cabos Is The Ultimate Foodie Destination For 2024

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With record numbers of visitors from around the world last year, it’s easy to claim that Los Cabos is a tourist hotspot.

But did you know that the special cuisine in Los Cabos that is not found elsewhere also makes the popular beach resort destination a food travel destination?

Los Cabos has been evolving from a spring break travel destination to a place where luxury and refined traditional Mexican cuisine is more of the norm instead of the exception around town.

Restaurant in Los Cabos

However, street food lovers rejoice. Plenty of cheap eats make travel to Los Cabos a true foodie adventure destination.

Michelin Guide Inclusion

In fact, 2024 will be the year when Los Cabos will be spotlighted in the Baja California Sur section in the highly regarded Michelin Guide.

A hotel chef decorating food

It will be spotlighted in the guide along with Mexico City, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon, Baja California and the rest of Baja California Sur.

“Our gastronomy is past, present, future,” said the Head of the Mexico Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alicia Bárcena Ibarra. “We are a megadiverse country, we are proud of our civilizations and of Mexican food and the restaurant industry.”

Fresh Seafood

Seafood Dish

It’s hard to mention the fantastic food of Los Cabos without discussing seafood. Every morning, fishermen hit the seas and come back with some of the freshest fish and seafood found anywhere in the world.

Travelers could spend all day learning all of the different popular fish and shellfish available around Los Cabos. Everything from spiny lobsters and wild marlin to chocolate clams are available in the area.

Just as many types of fish there are in the seas off Los Cabos, there are many ways to prepare fresh fish.

Shrimp Tostada at a Mexican Street Food Cart

It all starts with classic Mexican style: grilled fresh fish lightly battered and served with a squeeze of lime. It is the classic Baja taco known all over the world. Seafood is prepared ceviche style, cured in lemon juice, and served on a crispy tostada, all without being kissed by a flame.

There are many very good street food vendors that sizzle this up just right all over Los Cabos. See a bunch of people in line at a vendor’s cart? That’s a good sign for travelers.

Additionally, many restaurants in Los Cabos have taken traditional Baja seafood and fused it with other cultures from around the world, including Japanese, Italian and of course a touch of some of the native cultures found across Mexico.

food in los cabos

Fusion food is all the rage, and creative culinary combinations can be found all over Los Cabos and surrounding areas.

Sorry, but you will have to take a seat at a restaurant for this one. Be sure to ask about reservations at some of the hottest spots in town.

Very Berry Desserts

Elderly woman farmer collects a harvest of ripe strawberries.

After a fantastic meal, it’s time for dessert. According to Eater, and a unnamed foodie follower writing this article, Los Cabos actually has some of the best strawberries in the world. Sorry California.

Near the town of Todos Santos is a farm that yields the sweetest red strawberries that are converted into tasty treats all over Los Cabos and surrounding towns.

Agricole Cooperativa is a berry nice place to hang out near Todos Santos. They have berry pies, strawberry water, salads with strawberries and of course cartons of strawberries for tourists to take back to their resort hotel rooms.

It is a foodie place for strawberry lovers to get their fill of healthy red fruit full of antioxidants.

Tips For Travelers

Los Cabos is definitely emerging as a food destination for discerning foodies from all over the world. Travelers can’t go wrong by trying different plates and sampling some of the great regional food.

The good thing is some of the best places in Los Cabos are not that expensive. Jump in and find a popular place to enjoy some great eats on your vacation getaway!

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