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Why Los Cabos Is The Top Destination For Travelers Seeking A Luxurious Getaway

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Everyone dreams of something different when we picture a vacation. Some are willing to stay in a no-frills hostel, and others couldn’t imagine having stained carpet in their room.

Budget travelers tend to sacrifice luxury while others prioritize it. Solo travel has been hot all year long, and many solo trippers opt to stay in cozy spaces not quite up to snuff, as say, The Four Seasons.

But a new report claims luxury travel is another hot trend here to stay with no signs of slowing down.

female tourist in infinity pool

As fall will quickly turn into winter, there is no better time to plan your next travel splurge to escape the impending frigid weather.

When it comes to travelers’ vacation dreams, more often than not, the sun, the beach, and immaculate resorts will stack up at the top of the list.

What better place for a luxurious getaway with all of the above than Mexico’s version of paradise?

Los Cabos Is A Worry-Free Destination

Not all of us are blessed with extreme wealth and comfort, but everybody who works hard in life is worthy of a vacation.

scenic view of los cabos

For some of us, it just comes easier than others. Los Cabos is a place welcoming to anyone, but there is a price to pay.

Quite often, a very big price as rates average $500 per night at resorts heading into high season.

The key to a successful Cabo vacay is simply just getting here. If you can bite the bullet by clicking “pay” for your flight and hotel, then boom! The hard part is over.

Now, you can enter Vacation Mode and have the dreamy vacation you’ve always imagined. But how you turn what you’ve imagined into reality is up to you.

docked boats in los cabos

You can lounge around all day without a care in the world at some of the top beaches in Mexico or sit around the swim-up bar in the gleaming hotel pool.

You can venture out for a unique, fun excursion such as a camel ride on the beach, a waterfall hike, or a scenic boat tour to the famous El Arco (The Arch).

Cabo is the place to be to put your stresses aside and recharge. Plus, you can brag to your friends back home about your own personal butler that multiple resorts offer guests. How’s that for service?

Unmatched Resorts

beach resort in cabo

Los Cabos is not only a top destination for Americans; it’s world-renowned for its upscale resorts (many with all-inclusive packages).

Factor in the prime real estate of being set on some of the most scenic beaches in the world; it doesn’t get any better.

Your credit card may take a bruising, but bruises go away, right? The splurge is worth all you get in return, with cushy rooms designed to entice you to return again and again, plus all the exclusive amenities.

lounge chairs at resort pool in Cabo

Many resorts offer multiple luxe pools on-site, often with breathtaking views of Cabo’s grand scenery. Resorts are a great launching pad to some of the top excursions Cabo offers and are generally the safest place you can be.

Opt For Opulence

Los Cabos is a place to treat yourself and put that little voice in your head down for a little nappy nap.

Many people may find themselves at home holding back, but Cabo is the place to go a little extra with the things you deserve.

scenic breakfast

We’ve all heard this question before- “would you like to make that a combo?”. You want to say “yes”, but then worries take over and you say to yourself, “no, I’ll just drink water” or “no, I don’t need to spend $3 extra for fries”.

Let’s be real- you do want ‘fries with that’. Cabo is the place to indulge, whether it be the endless all-inclusive buffets, craft cocktails, or a relaxing massage at a world-class spa.

Cabo is one of the top wellness destinations in the world too, after all. Whether you live in a mansion, are just starting out, or anything in between, you are selling yourself short by not taking advantage of Cabo’s luxury.

Get the fries. Make it a double. Splurge on a massage. Treat yourself. Because we all deserve the extras in life.

massage in tropical location

Plan Your Next Cabo Vacation:

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