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Top 5 Tips To Stay Safe In Los Cabos This Summer 

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Los Cabos is a fantastic place for a summer vacation, but in order to have a great experience and fond memories of your trip, it’s important to think about safety.   

Los Cabos is a safe place to visit and hosts hundreds of thousands of American tourists every year who vacation without incident.  

Tourists on a Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

But just like anywhere else, there are dangers to be aware of, so we’ll share our top five tips to stay safe in Los Cabos this summer.   

Los Cabos 

Los Cabos is the name used to describe a region in Mexico that actually consists of two separate and very different vacation destinations.   

They include Cabo San Lucas, which is more of a party destination, and San Jose del Cabo, which is more popular among travelers looking for a quieter vacation.   

The two cities are located in Baja California Sur, on the Baja Peninsula, which is separated from Mexico’s mainland.   

This is part of the reason it is safer than other popular Mexican cities, but regardless of how safe it is, you’ll still want to follow these safety tips. 

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Staying Safe In The Heat 

It’s not uncommon to see temperatures in the 90s during the summer months in Los Cabos, so staying hydrated is a must if you’ll be spending time on the beaches and doing other things outdoors.   

You’ll want to stay stocked up on bottled water, though, because the tap water in the region is not a safe option and has been known to make visitors sick.   

It’s also necessary to protect yourself from the hot sun with a high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and maybe even sun-blocking clothing on the days you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun.   

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Safe Swimming In Los Cabos 

Many first-time visitors to Los Cabos don’t realize this, but not all beaches in the area are safe for swimming.   

Even the ones that are can sometimes have strong waves and unpredictable rip currents.   

The best way to stay safe swimming in Los Cabos is to swim where there are lifeguards and pay attention to the flag warning system.   

If you see a black flag, stay away from the beach altogether; a red flag, stay out of the water; a yellow flag, exercise caution when swimming; and a green flag, you’re free to swim.   

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Getting Around Safely 

Mexico has an issue with fake taxis, so you’ll want to be cautious about how and when you book your transportation.   

Booking in advance is the best way to go.   

It’s also not wise to travel away from tourist areas by yourself, and you should never walk around alone at night, in Los Cabos, or in any other vacation destination for that matter.   

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Choosing A Hotel In A Safe Area 

In both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, there are specific areas where the largest concentration of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and activities are located.   

These are considered tourist areas and are the safest places to stay during your trip.   

In Cabo San Lucas, this is the area near the marina and Medano Beach; in San Jose del Cabo, it is the area often referred to as Hotel Row, although the center of town is quite safe as well, and the Tourist Corridor between the two cities is also safe. 

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Avoiding Trouble With Criminals And The Law 

When visiting Los Cabos it is also important to avoid getting involved with criminals and to refrain from breaking any laws.   

Be wary of anyone that tries to offer illicit substances or steer you away from the safe areas mentioned above.   

Doing so will keep you out of trouble during your vacation, something you certainly want to avoid. 

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Take Safety Into Your Own Hands 

Bad things can happen anywhere and at any time.   

By taking your own safety into your own hands, though, you’ll be much safer no matter where you are.   

And these tips will definitely keep you safer throughout your Los Cabos summer vacation. 

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