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5 Underrated Destinations Near Los Cabos Growing In Popularity

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Los Cabos is known for its high-end hotels and, of course, the Los Cabos arch.

Most of the travelers that come to Los Cabos are expecting a premium travel experience in some of the most iconic spots Mexico has to offer.

Yacht Coming Into A Cove On The Shores of Loreto Baja California Sur

There are different towns, though, near the Cabo area where travelers can enjoy the Mexican Pacific beaches with a bit of a different vibe.

You may still have to fly into the Cabo airport, but once there, you can take roads that lead elsewhere. 

La Paz

La Paz may not be as underrated as some of the other locations on this list. It’s the second-largest city in the state, and it features high-end hotels just like Los Cabos.

One of the biggest differences though is that La Paz hotels are not known for offering all-inclusive deals.

Also, you’re likely to find cheaper hotel prices here. From La Paz, you have better access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.  

Picture of La Paz taken from the ocean

Balandra Beach, Playa El Tecolote & Isla Espíritu Santo

Balandra Beach and Playa El Tecolote are two of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California Sur. You can expect turquoise waters to greet you as you look down from the desert-like dunes that “protect” the beach.

Both of these beaches are part of the municipality of La Paz but offer a totally different experience.

Travelers can enjoy more of a campground environment in these areas in what is truly a breathtaking coastline. 

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Balandra Beach, La Paz, Baja California Sur

The Isla Espiritu Santo is an uninhabited island that’s located basically right across from Playa El Tecolote. It’s one of the most popular spots to explore in the region.

There are boat tours that you can book from El Tecolote out to the island. You can treat these spots as day trips within your La Paz vacation.

Another option, as was previously stated, is to book a cabin in the vicinity of the Balandra beach area. 

cove near the balandra beach area

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is known for being the best diving spot in the region. It’s located a 1 hour and 45-minute drive from San Jose del Cabo.

If you take the road that runs up the coastline, which is an experience within itself, you’ll take more than 2 hours to get there.

There are beachside bungalows and cabins that you can rent on Airbnb for around 60 dollars a night. Diving is the main reason why people come here. 

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

If you want to have the best of both worlds, though, you can stay at the Four Seasons resort that’s north of the Cabo Pulmo national park.

This resort offers the kind of hospitality that you’ve probably come to expect from the brand. A stay here is potentially a more “reclusive” experience than you’d get at most other resorts within the main Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo hotel zones.     

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is almost directly on the other side of the peninsula from Cabo Pulmo. This means that it’s going to be closer, geographically at least, to Cabo San Lucas than San Jose del Cabo.

It’s grown in popularity because of its small town that tourists love to explore. In a sense, it’s gaining the appeal of places like San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico that is also a well known tourist destination. 

Todos Santos Church

Of course, the thing that Todos Santos has over all of the picturesque cities in central Mexico is the beach.

Also, it’s one of the favorite spots for tourists and locals who practice off-roading.

Unlike in Los Cabos, authorities seem to be more willing to allow travelers to camp on these beaches as well.    

Beach in Loreto Baja California Sur


Last but not least is Loreto, which is a small town on the coast located north of La Paz. It’s known for being a great fishing, snorkeling and whale watching area.

Also, people love going on hikes in the Sierra region near the main town. There are prehistoric cave paintings located near the town. You can book tours to explore this area through the aforementioned hikes.


The town does have a couple of small hotels to be able to accommodate guests.

What’s great about almost all of these spots is that they’re typically not going to be as crowded as Cabo gets in the peak season! Plus staying in most of these places is going to be less expensive.

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