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U.S. Airlines Reviewing Issues Related To Los Cabos Transportation Blockade For Possible Travel Advisory

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The fallout from the recent transportation protest blockade in Los Cabos continues with a potential travel advisory warning coming soon from two different United States airlines and potentially the United States Department of State.

The result could be a warning for travelers to the United States not to travel to Los Cabos.

High Risk For Airline Travel Advisory

street in los cabos

The concern two United States airlines have about their passengers being able to access Los Cabos International Airport could lead to a travel advisory warning for visitors not to travel to the beach resort destination.

That’s according to reports from Mauricio Salicrup, head of the Los Cabos Hotel Association Administrative Council.

The response could come from a recent incident where transportation drivers in Los Cabos recently staged a blockade protest of the Fonatur Roundabout, resulting in significant delays for tourists on both the Transpeninsular Highway and the Los Cabos Toll Road.

Los Cabos International Airport

Both of the roads and not only important ways for tourists to get around Los Cabos, they are also the main roadways to access the Los Cabos International Airport.

According to reporting of the event, many tourists were delayed in getting to the airport due to the blockade and actually ended up missing their flights.

High Risk For State Department Downgrade

tourists shopping in los cabos

According to Salicrup, the airline advisory could be only the start of the impact the Los Cabos tourism industry could see from the blockade protest.

“We currently have two American airlines that fly to Los Cabos that are sending the destination to review,” he said. “This is very dangerous because the airlines have a high influence on decision that are made at the embassy, and this refers to the trip alerts.”

Salicrup is referring to the important State Department travel advisory process in this statement, which could also be a fallout from the protest.

Tourists in a Resort Pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Currently, the United States Department of State has Baja California Sur listed as a level two travel advisory level urging travelers to “exercise increased caution”.

This alert level is concerned with criminal activity and violence. However, there are no restrictions on the movement of United States government employees in the area.

Medano Beach Filled with Tourists in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Advice for Travelers

While transportation drivers definitely have a right to protest for better working conditions in Los Cabos, they seemed to not anticipate the potential risk that the blockade would cause for future travel to the region.

Officials are negotiating to resolve the issue among the different transportation agencies and the drivers to find a middle ground connected to the new law which was in part created for transparency, safety and security for tourists in the region.

Tourists dining in Los Cabos

State and local officials are also working closely with the United States Department of State to ensure that the travel advisory level remains the same, or even possibly improves, as actions are proactively taken to improve the protection of tourists on their vacation getaway in Los Cabos.

For now, tourists need to be aware of the situation and the impact that it has on transportation to and from the airport, as well as around town.

Los Cabos street scene

Right now, the situation appears to be working towards a resolution as both parties are talking. However, those talks could break down at any time and lead to continued delays for travelers getting to and from the airport in Los Cabos.

The recommendation for travelers is to stay connected with front desk staff at their resort or hotel and plan enough time to get to the airport well in advance of the flight time.

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Saturday 20th of April 2024

Taxi drivers protesting is a danger to travel!!! Oh, inconvenience, but hardly a danger. What does the State Department know!?!?