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Los Cabos Cracking Down On Pirate Taxis To Keep Tourists Safe 

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Taxis are commonly used by tourists in Los Cabos, if not to get around town, then at least to get between the airport and the hotel.   

Not all taxis are created equal, though, because some go through the process of being licensed, while others operate illegally.   

It might seem like this wouldn’t affect tourists but it can, so Los Cabos is cracking down on pirate taxis to keep tourists safe.   

Taxi Driver Sitting in His Vehicle in Traffic With Palm Trees in the Background

What Are Pirate Taxis? 

Pirate taxis are essentially fake taxis.   

They are unlicensed individuals who use their unregulated vehicles to pose as real taxi drivers and offer rides to unknowing visitors.   

Because they are not registered or part of a taxi driver’s union, local officials do not vet them, and there’s no way to know if their vehicles are up to par either.   

Taxis Near In a Bus Station Parking Lot

The Dangers Of Getting Into A Pirate Taxi 

In many cases, pirate taxi drivers are just locals trying to make a living by going around the system and not paying their concession fees to operate as a taxi driver.   

Sometimes, though, they’re individuals with bad intentions.   

It’s not uncommon for them to overcharge; although rare, there have been cases of passengers being robbed or even kidnapped when getting into a pirate taxi.   

Furthermore, should an accident occur, you won’t be covered if they don’t have insurance.   

Woman in a Taxi Vehicle

Where Pirate Taxis Are Most Likely To Operate 

Pirate taxis operate throughout Los Cabos, so you have to be careful no matter where you go.   

You’re most likely to encounter one at the airport though.   

This is where taxis make the most money, and there are so many taxis at the airport that it’s easier for them to operate among all of the others. 

Terminal 2 Of Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

How To Tell Between A Real And A Pirate Taxi 

It isn’t easy to tell between a real taxi and a pirate taxi because pirate taxi drivers have gotten good at making their vehicles look official.   

Almost any type of vehicle can be used for taxi services in Los Cabos, which makes it even harder.   

You can ask to see documentation but beyond that, there’s not much you can do to ensure you’re getting into a registered taxi.   

Another way to tell is to pay attention to where they pick you up from.  If it’s not in the same areas as other taxis, there might be a reason for that.   

Pink Taxi On a Street in Mexico

Taxis In Los Cabos 

While there are many pirate taxis in Los Cabos, there are plenty of legitimate ones too.   

As of late last year, the local government implemented a new system of inspecting taxis to address the pirate taxi situation.   

This makes taking a taxi a little bit safer for tourists.   

Los Cabos Travelers Warned Against Taking Pirate Taxis

What You Can Expect To Pay For A Taxi To Get To And From Los Cabos Airport 

One downfall of using taxi services in Los Cabos, even legitimate ones, is the cost.   

They are historically known for their high prices, even when traveling short distances.   

A one-way trip from Los Cabos Airport to San Jose del Cabo can cost as much as $70 for the 8-mile trip, and to Cabo San Lucas, which is about 27 miles away, more than $90.   

Two Youtists in the Back of a Taxi

Other Los Cabos Transportation Options 

The high prices of taxis, and wondering if a taxi is real or a pirate taxi might make you want to avoid them altogether.   

Private transportation may be a better option for you, especially if you’re a first-time visitor.   

It might cost nearly as much as a taxi, but it’s a more comfortable, convenient, and safer way to travel in Los Cabos.

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