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Protests Causing 4-Hour Delays For Tourist Transports In Los Cabos

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The debate between independent transportation drivers and taxi companies came to a head in Los Cabos right before the weekend, resulting in gridlock on area roads for travelers trying to make their way around the beach resort tourist destination.

According to reports, traffic was snarled on the area highways in Los Cabos last Thursday with four hour waits at the toll booths on the Los Cabos toll road and the Fonatur Roundabout clogged with slow moving independent transportation drivers.

Beautiful urban street in Cabo San Lucas

The State of Baja California Sur government simply said they are enforcing a law as they are required to, and further they will continue the enforcement activities despite the protests.

Transportation Law Controversy

The issue is around the transportation law that requires inspections of transportation vehicles often used for tourists and certification that the vehicles meet safety and regulatory standards, including proper licensing.

In a statement released by the State of Baja California Sur, officials claim that the coordinated inspections seek to guarantee safety and transparency in passenger transportation in Los Cabos, in compliance with the transportation law regulations.

Taxi Driver Sitting in His Vehicle in Traffic With Palm Trees in the Background

Reports are that five vehicles did not meet the permit requirements according to the law and were removed from service.

However, the independent transportation drivers disagree with the numbers, stating that seven drivers were unfairly affected.

The drivers also claim that they are being singled out in the process in an effort to eliminate independent transportation drivers in favor of the local taxi companies.

Block the Highways

The transpeninsular highway in Los Cabos

The independent transportation drivers responded to the incident by blocking both directions of the Transpeninsular Highway at the Fonatur Roundabout for more than six hours on Friday.

The blockade slowed traffic to about six miles per hour as hundreds of vehicles tried to get through the traffic, and many visitors on vacation at the beach resort destination faced extensive delays.

They also slowed down tourist travel on the Los Cabos toll road, often used by travelers heading to and from Los Cabos International Airport.

Long line a toll booth causing traffic jams

The delay at the toll booths to proceed along the alternate roadway to the blocked Transpeninsular Highway was reported to be more than four hours for tourists in Los Cabos on Thursday.

The demand from the independent transportation drivers was immediate return of the seven units removed from service along with talks with state and federal officials to find a resolution to the issue.

Moving Forward?

Taxi driver in Los Cabos

According to Secretary General of the Government, Saúl González Núñez, in reports about the controversy, the state will continue enforcing the law to remove unregulated transportation drivers from the roadways of the state and eliminate what they consider piracy.

In response, Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro simply asked in an official statement from the municipality that citizens be informed and take precautions in the face of peaceful demonstrations.

“I want to be very clear, we are not going to make the mistakes of the past, which is why I have asked the members of the Municipal Transportation Directorate that their work be carried out in strict accordance with the law and existing regulations,” he added.

El Squid Roe Cabo San Lucas, with Cars on the Street

The independent transportation drivers temporarily agreed to delay future blockades on late Friday afternoon and sit down to discuss the issue with state and municipal officials starting on Monday, April 15.

What Tourists Need to Know

Both sides have acknowledged that this issue is affecting the tourist perception of those visiting Los Cabos on their vacation getaway.

Car in queue due to traffic

In fact, reports are claiming that tourists had to exit the independent transportation vehicles they were riding in while the state inspections were being conducted.

The general secretary of Sitio Suchpaca, Marcos Fregoso Aguirre, expressed his concern that third parties were being caught in the middle of the dispute between the transportation agency and local drivers.

“Enough is enough, it is a situation that we are not going to let go,” he said. “We have been very respectful of free passage, free transit. We have demonstrated because everyone has the right to do so in an orderly manner, but without affecting the rights of others.”

Tourists are urged to monitor the situation closely and work with resort and hotel staff to plan their transportation in Los Cabos accordingly.

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