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Top Places To Avoid Los Cabos Crowds As This Travel Trend Skyrockets

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The number of cruise ship passengers that have arrived in Los Cabos totals over 300,000 in the year’s first trimester.

That’s 132% more people coming to Cabo on a cruise compared to last year. Naturally, the number of boats that are docking in Cabo has also increased with over 100 ships already making Cabo stops so far this year.

People Waiting In line To Board A Cruise

While coming to Cabo on a cruise can certainly be a good idea, travelers within Cabo may want to be aware of when multiple ships are going to be docking in Cabo. 

As people get off cruises, certain Cabo spots become increasingly crowded. That’s why you may be able to find a spot at a restaurant in the Marina on a Monday but could have trouble doing so on what otherwise could seem like a random Tuesday.

Obviously, you may expect the city to get more crowded during the weekend. Due to the increase in the number of travelers arriving via cruise ship, though, certain Cabo spots can get increasingly crowded, seemingly out of the blue.   

View Of The Los Cabos Marina Filled With People

Restaurants That Are Closest To The Cruise Terminal

As we’ve alluded to, the first spots that fill up with cruise passengers are typically the restaurants and bars that are closest to the dock.

In this case, Solomon’s Landing and Captain Tony’s are usually the first to fill up. This happens especially when cruises that are going to be docked just a few hours in Cabo arrive.

Cruise passengers typically want to go on shore and experience some of the local cuisine but without venturing too far away from the ship.

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los cabos restaurant

If you want to dine in one of these restaurants, particularly ones located right on the dock, it’s typically going to be a good idea to do so when there are no cruises docked in Cabo.

You can make reservations in advance and get a table even when cruises are in town. When these places get too crowded, though, service can suffer a bit just because the staff at the restaurant is going to be overwhelmed. 

Cabo Sign At A Local Shopping Center

Water Taxis To The Los Cabos Arch 

The arch is still Los Cabos’ main attraction. For the most part, cruises are not going to be taking their passengers out to Lover’s Beach directly.

What they have to do is get off the cruise and into a water taxi to be able to go see the Los Cabos arch. This means that when there’s a cruise ship in the harbor, or many for that matter, the water taxis that go out to the Los Cabos arch are going to be in high demand. 

Tourists on a boat out to the Los Cabos arch

An honorable mention here has to go to whale watching tours and snorkeling experiences. A lot of cruise lines already have these activities lined up for their passengers when they arrive in Cabo.

Naturally, these experiences are operated by local companies. If you want to do whale watching, snorkeling, or any of those activities, it’s always been a good idea to book the experience in advance.

With the number of travelers increasing so dramatically, booking all of these experiences in advance is now a complete must. 

Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Art Galleries In San Jose del Cabo

Most of the other places that we’ve referenced so far are spots you would expect to get crowded as people get off their cruise.

In the case of the restaurants near the docks, if you arrive at the right time, you’ll see people getting off the dock and heading right to the tables.

The art galleries in San Jose del Cabo may not be the first thing that you’ll think fills up. The thing is, some tourists understand that the best spot for cheap food and drinks for them is back on the cruise.

San Jose del Cabo Art Gallery with Tourists Walking Around.

This means that a lot of tourists that are getting off these cruises are going to be eager to explore San Jose del Cabo.

To be able to experience that small-town Mexico vibe that you can still kind of get in San Jose. The art galleries are one of the spots within downtown San Jose del Cabo that typically get crowded with people who are coming off cruise ships.

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